How Robotic Digital Signage Could Tackle COVID-19

Robotic Digital SignageThe COVID-19 pandemic has had an immeasurably devastating impact on practically every aspect of the human experience, from forcing us to limit our social interactions in an effort to minimize the spread of coronavirus and protect the most vulnerable members of our population to forever changing business landscapes across a wide range of industries.

While many essential businesses have been allowed and even encouraged to remain open throughout this unprecedented global health crisis, certain innovations such as robotic digital signage interfaces and displays have been more instrumental than ever.

Contrary to popular public opinion, the point of robotic digital signage isn’t to take away jobs from honest and hardworking people—quite the contrary actually. The point is to make their jobs easier and give them the peace of mind they need to continue working in public sectors amidst this massive global health crisis by eliminating the fear of contracting the virus.

Features of Robotic Digital Signage and Interface

If you’re wondering how robotic digital signage and interfaces can make public-facing jobs safer for retail store associates and grocery store workers, there are a number of advanced features that contribute to this.

Tech companies have been hard at work since the onset of the pandemic to help businesses jumpstart their operations as quickly and safely as possible. Modern robotic digital signage interfaces are equipped with advanced analytical features that can track the number of visitors to your establishment, perform temperature scans of each visitor, and gather other data such as age, gender, and even their emotional dispositions.

Other important features include automatic hand sanitizer dispensers to limit physical touch and further reduce the risk of viral transmission from one person to another.

Primary Functions of Robotic Digital Signage Systems

As a business owner experiencing unexpected and unprecedented economic challenges right now, you’re most likely focused on finding and applying advanced measures of keeping your customers and employees safe. These include thorough cleaning methods in addition to encouraging customers to make use of automation technology available in your establishment.

Retail establishments and grocery stores are increasingly encouraging customers to utilize their self-checkout kiosks. To limit the risk of transmission, these establishments have taken the following measures:

  • Asking customers to maintain a six-foot distance from one another
  • Providing floor markers for customers to stand on while waiting in line
  • Providing arrows in aisles indicating the direction customers should walk in
  • Closing middle kiosks to leave adequate space between customers
  • Thoroughly disinfecting kiosks after each customer use

Ultimately, the primary function of robotic digital signage systems is to use advanced automation technology to streamline transactions through easy-to-use interfaces as safely as possible.

What Are the Benefits of Using Robotic Digital Signage Systems?

As you’ve probably already guessed, there are a lot of benefits of integrating robotic digital signage systems into your business model, especially in these uncertain times. Many people may feel more comfortable engaging in as little physical human contact as possible, particularly when it comes to buying groceries, household items, and clothing.

Traditional retail establishments force people to place their items on a conveyer belt used by a number of other people before them. Additionally, their items are then touched by a cashier who’s had contact with a number of other customers and their items as well. This creates a large breeding ground for potential viral transmission.

While some level of risk will always be present in public-facing business environments, robotic digital signage such as self-checkout kiosks can considerably reduce that risk as long as the machines are carefully cleaned after each use and employees are provided with the proper PPE.

Benefits of digital display interfaces include:

  • Streamlining customer transactions with minimal physical contact
  • Encouraging customers to stay six feet apart at all times
  • Mandating that businesses work harder to ensure clean premises at all times
  • Allowing frontline staff to focus on other more important tasks aside from cashing customers out
  • Creating a clean, safe working and shopping environment for your employees and customers

How Do Robotic Signage Systems Help Limit COVID-19 Spread?

Technological advancements are ongoing. As new information is continuously discovered regarding COVID-19, its various mutations, and how it spreads, robotic signage technology will continue to evolve as needed.

Currently, the best way to deal with the situation in public-facing environments is to ensure that all government guidelines are adhered to as closely as possible.

This includes closely monitoring the health and well-being of your employees and customers. Robotic signage systems allow employees to limit direct interactions with customers without completely eradicating that personal touch customers expect.

At the end of the day, customers still want to feel like they’re getting a certain level of value and service from your business without having to do all of the work themselves. A common criticism customers have regarding self-checkout kiosks is that they feel like they’re taking a job away from a cashier. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

After all, these kiosks still require regular monitoring to uphold loss prevention, technological troubleshooting, and proving customer assistance when needed. Additionally, the use of these kiosks allows you to cross train more employees to work in other departments and therefore further streamline other backend operations of your business.

Audience Analytics in Robotic Digital Signage

Perhaps one of the most important features of robotic digital signage for your business in the current economic and health climate is the fact that it can help you determine whether it’s safe for certain customers and employees to enter and use your establishment.

A quick temperature analysis will help determine whether it’s safe for certain people to come into your business and alert you to any potential issues. This is a non-invasive but necessary tool that can help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

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