Industrial Touchscreen Display for Packaging Industry

Industrial touchscreen displays are undoubtedly useful technological tools for the packaging industry. With user-friendly industrial HMI touch panels, they allow businesses to keep track of the Internet of Things, which speeds up the time-to-market of the packaged goods. Industrial panel-mount PCs are equipped with many incredible and ground-breaking technological features that have helped revolutionize the packaging industry.

Features of the Ideal Touchscreen Display

Industrial panel touchscreens are superlatively constructed and accompanied with the following features: a rugged chassis; very user-friendly; versatile mounting options; an assortment of display sizes; multiple input ports; customization options; and competitive pricing.

Rugged Chassis

The chassis is the outer frame of the industrial touch panel computer. The chassis should be sturdy and durable because it will undergo a great deal of physical use in its short lifetime. While most technology these days is not made to last a very long time, industrial panel mounts for PCs are made with the notion that some people are a little rougher with technology than others. Industrial touch monitors get the most use, and therefore it is compulsory that they are outfitted with hardware that can be subjected to all kinds of use and adapt to changing external conditions.

User-Friendly Interface

Even though this concept is self-explanatory, it is nonetheless crucial both in creation and in practice. Original Equipment Manufacturers need to conduct field tests to learn and understand what their end users are looking for in industrial panel PC touchscreens, otherwise there is no point progressing the product to the development phase of production because no one wants to purchase a product that is too difficult to use. To increase productivity, efficiency, and accuracy in the packaging industry, industrial touch-panel computers must be as user-friendly as possible.

Mounting Options

Part of making the panel-mount touchscreen PC user-friendly is including a variety of mounting options that will suit every user’s potential needs. Thinking ahead and anticipating every possible issue or problem that could arise in the future is paramount to creating high-quality industrial touchscreen displays. There are several conceivable mounting options that end users might find beneficial to their specific packaging techniques and industrial needs:

  • Heavy Industrial Yoke Mounts
  • Heavy Industrial Pedestal Mounts
  • Heavy Industrial Arm Mounts
  • VESA Radial Arm
  • VESA Wall Mount Bracket
  • VESA Benchtop Stand

Display Sizes

Display sizes are designed based off of the precise function of the industrial touch monitor. For packaging and commercial purposes, it might be worthwhile to invest in larger screen sizes to accommodate people with varying vision requirements. Of course, the amount of available space can also limit the display size, so it is always a good idea to measure the space before settling on a display size.

Multiple Input Ports

Multiple Input Ports allow the user to simultaneously run multiple video and file applications on one industrial panel-mount PC. These ports are also compatible with different operating systems.

Customization Options

Customizability has to do with everything from the rugged design of the external hardware of an industrial touchscreen display to its internal software. The whole system should be versatile enough to adjust to any and all of the ever-changing needs of the packaging industry while also adhering to the individual needs of each packaging company, big or small.

Competitive Pricing

Manufacturers of high-quality panel mount touchscreen PCs will offer incomparable pricing options based on your company’s needs.

Nauticomp Inc.’s Industrial Touchscreen Displays

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