Multifunction Displays for Your Boat

On both recreational and commercial marine vessels, multifunction displays offer many advantages.

With advances in technology, multifunction displays are now capable of handling most or all of a boat’s navigational requirements. Radar, sonar, GPS, fish finders, engine control, sensors, and other functions can all be integrated with or controlled through multifunction displays.

Multifunction displays offer obvious advantages when used on boats. However, the technology of these displays has progressed to the point where they are more usable, accessible, and advantageous for boat owners and operators than ever before. Rugged marine multifunction displays offer even more benefits than older types of navigational displays.

Advantages of Rugged Multifunction Displays

Rugged multifunction displays are built to last and offer consistent use in harsh environments, which include the typical marine environment. With a rugged display, boat operators can be ensured in the quality and consistency of the equipment they are using.

Sunlight Readability

Rugged displays have sunlight readability, ensuring that they can be used in daytime weather conditions. Using optically bonded glass, LED backlighting, and other techniques, rugged multifunction displays are fully readable in even the brightest lighting conditions. Regular displays can be washed out in bright light, making it difficult or impossible to use the devices properly.

Water Resistance

In marine environments particularly, it is important for electronics and other devices to be water-resistant or waterproof. Multifunction displays are designed to be waterproof, offering IP 67/68 sealed protection that ensures that they are resistant against water damage and can be used in wet environments, including in all weather conditions.

Extreme-Temperature Resistance

In marine environments, there can be extreme fluctuations in temperature. Traditional navigational displays can be susceptible to damage from moisture and can stop working or break down when used in extremes of temperature. Rugged multifunction displays come with extended operational temperature ranges that ensure they can be used in extremes of weather, both hot and cold. As well, these displays are sealed, protecting against damage from moisture.

Multiple Inputs

Multifunction displays can also feature multiple inputs that ensure consistent use in all marine environments and applications. When using any navigational display on a recreational boat or commercial vessel, compatibility needs to be ensured. With multiple inputs, multifunction displays can offer increased versatility in a range of applications.

Increased Durability

Rugged multifunction displays come inside a sealed, rugged chassis that is resistant to damage from physical force, weather conditions, and wear and tear. In fact, these multifunction displays can provide a decade of consistent use, compared to non-rugged models that typically only last less than two years. Rugged displays are the most durable, long-lasting option available for marine applications.

Consistent, Reliable Use

Perhaps the biggest advantage that these rugged multifunction displays offer is that they provide consistent, reliable use. When used in marine environments, boat operators do not have to worry that their display will break down, malfunction, or be rendered unusable or un-viewable, which can compromise safety and cause other major difficulties.

Looking for the Right Multifunction Display?

Nauticomp Inc. has been a leading provider of rugged displays for marine, military, and industrial applications for over 20 years. We have decades of experience designing, engineering, and manufacturing displays and monitors for use in harsh, outdoor environments. Our waterproof, sunlight-readable multifunction displays are the most durable and versatile monitors for marine environments. We also offer custom designs, building individualized displays to meet our clients’ needs.

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