Nauticomp Inc Announces Updated Titan LED Display Line

Nauticomp (, an established display manufacturer with worldwide brand recognition, is announcing an updated line of one of its premier LED displays.

The Titan Commercial Grade Display is a highly efficient LED display line with a focus on combining dependability with ease of use. And now the entire Titan line has been updated, with improvements made to design and the release of additional models.

“The Titan is one of our best displays for commercial users, and these new updates and improvements should make it an even more attractive solution for the commercial sector,” says Ryan Moore, President of Nauticomp Inc. “It’s our most cost-effective commercial display, combining the foremost in LED technology in an affordable package.”

The updated Titan displays are more lightweight and compact, with a smaller size of casing for each of the models. By reducing the casing size, the Titan puts more of an emphasis on the display screen.

“With the new casings, owners get the same size display and less of the packaging, so to speak,” Moore explains. “A lot of LED displays can be bulky and unwieldly, while the enhanced Titan will be a lot more versatile. A larger display can be fit within a smaller space and be mounted more easily. It’s ultimately a sleeker display.”

Not only has the Titan been improved, but additional sizes have been added to the lineup. It is now available in 17” and 27”-wide versions, along with the previously offered 10”, 15”, and 19” versions.

“When a display is needed for commercial or marine purposes, often it needs to be a specific size,” Moore adds. “With these new additions, buyers have a wider selection to choose from when looking for a model that fits their needs. The 27” version is our largest Titan yet.”

Nauticomp Inc premiered the new 27” wide model at the recent Pacific Marine Expo in Seattle, the largest commercial marine trade show on the West Coast. This new version got a great reaction, implying a need for a cost-effective, cutting-edge display at this size.

“These updates are just the newest in a long line of enhancements Nauticomp Inc has made to the product line,” Moore concludes. “We’ve become a leading manufacturer of rugged displays, and part of our success is because we’re continuously updating and enhancing our products to meet our clients’ needs. These surely will not be the last upgrades to the Titan line.”

Nauticomp Inc. is an established display manufacturer with worldwide brand recognition as an innovative industry leader. The company is dedicated to providing high-performance displays that are at the forefront of leading-edge display technology. For more information, browse our product page.