NVIS Displays for Military Applications

SONY DSCMilitary LCD displays need to have functionality and capability beyond what any ordinary display can offer. While many commercial displays now offer more functionality than ever before, a military-grade LCD display needs to be able to withstand use in harsh environments and be used with extreme precision. If a display is to be used for military applications, it must be tested rigorously and meet military standards and requirements.

The Hammer Display Series has been designed for use in military applications. The Hammer night vision (NVIS) displays have been engineered with the functionality and the features that a military display needs. Here are some of the features that the Hammer display has and which any good military-grade display should have. 

Daylight Readability

Military-grade displays need to be daylight-readable displays. A military display may need to be used in a wide range of lighting conditions, including daylight, ambient lighting, and poorly lit conditions. Regular commercial-grade displays may not be visible or may lose quality in certain lighting conditions. The Hammer NVIS series is a sunlight-readable display that retains high quality in any lighting condition. The Hammer display offers quality and precision no matter what the lighting conditions are. As well, high-bright or LCD displays with fully functional dimming capabilities can be used in dark or poorly lit conditions without losing quality. The Hammer NVIS display is fully dimmable with a range extending to complete black. 

NVIS Capability

It may go without saying that any military display needs to have NVIS compatibility. The Hammer display has a NVIS mode, allowing the display to be used in complete darkness. There are a wide range of military applications that require NVIS. With an NVIS mode, the Hammer display can be easily used in (but is not limited to) night-time conditions. 

Waterproof Temperature Resistance

Military grade displays require the ability to withstand use in a range of extreme environments. A military LCD display needs to be rugged and resistant to extremes of weather, temperature, and other environmental conditions (such as dust or dirt) that are likely to be encountered in many military applications. The Hammer LCD display has a waterproof design that allows it to be used in outdoor and naval applications. The display also features an operational temperature range from -20˚ Celsius to 60˚ Celsius, ensuring functionality through temperature extremes. 

Improved Design

Design is an important consideration with commercial-grade displays, but it should be considered for military-grade displays as well. More efficient design allows for more versatility in the use of the display. The Hammer display has the largest possible screen in the smallest possible casing, allowing for greater screen size than would otherwise be possible. Improved design allows for the more appropriate size of display to be used.

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