Nauticomp Inc. Weighs in on Attendance at Maritime Security East Conference

Lindsay, Canada, April 1, 2016 – Nauticomp Inc. (, an established display manufacturer with worldwide brand recognition, is weighing in on its attendance at this year’s Maritime Security East Conference. Nauticomp Inc. is also announcing its commitment to appearances at future conferences.

The Maritime Security East Conference is an annual conference for coastline and waterway security that features noted speakers, professional workshops, and technology showcases. This year, the conference hosted guests from the U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Department of Homeland Security, and U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

“We were proud to showcase our Titan line of marine displays at this year’s conference, the latest in the series of premier industry events when it comes to maritime security,” says Ryan Moore, president of Nauticomp Inc. “There were a lot of notable experts representing the U.S. government and businesses, so it was an honour to be included among them.”

For the conference, Nauticomp Inc. partnered with two companies that it works closely with, GOST and FLIR. GOST offers state-of-the-art wireless security and surveillance technology, while FLIR manufactures thermal and night-vision imaging cameras. Both companies’ products can be used in combination with Nauticomp’s rugged marine displays.

“This was our first time appearing at this conference, so we wanted to make sure we made a impact,” Moore explains. “FLIR and GOST are two companies we’ve worked with frequently before; as their products are top-of-the-line, so we are always happy to do so.”

Nauticomp Inc.’s Titan displays are commercial-grade displays with versatile mounting options, designed for use in marine and commercial applications. With LED backlighting and a deep-dimming potentiometer, the display series can be used in a range of lighting conditions.

“With marine displays, it’s essential that they can be used both outdoors and indoors,” says Moore. “All of our displays, including the Titan series, have been designed with this in mind. We try to focus on versatility with all of the industry-grade products we manufacture.”

When the Maritime Security East Conference returns in the fall of 2016, Moore expects that Nauticomp will also be in attendance.

“We got a lot of interest for our displays at this conference,” Moore concludes. “Since we manufacture high-end products specifically for industry use, these expos and conferences are where we can really connect with the professionals that need our products.”

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