Night Vision Goggle-Ready Displays and Monitors

NVIS compatible LCD displaysNight vision imaging systems (NVIS) are commonly used by the military, in the form of NVIS displays, goggles, and computers. Most people have only seen this type of technology used in the movies and TV in military or police applications, but NVIS now have broader uses for a range of industries, applications, and functions. Private-sector companies, healthcare organizations, and even regular citizens are making use of NVIS displays and rugged display military technology.

What is NVIS-Compatible Display?

NVIS-compatible LCD displays are monitors that use NVIS technology. NVIS technology allows users to have visibility in low-light conditions, including near total darkness. When light conditions are either low or close to non-existent, NVIS can produce an enhanced, brightened image, allowing for clear visibility. NVIS images are usually produced in monochrome, particularly shades of green.

NVIS displays are monitors that can be used with goggles, cameras, and other NVIS-ready technology to display clear images in low-light or near-dark lighting conditions. Using high-bright and NVIS backlighting, these displays can become all-purpose monitors for use in all lighting conditions, which is often necessary for many applications.

Importance of NVIS-Compatible Display

NVIS-compatible displays are some of the most advanced technological solutions when it comes to monitors and computer displays. One of the largest drawbacks with regular, traditional displays is that their uses are very limited. Standard displays cannot be used in extreme lighting conditions, either in extreme light or darkness. However, for many industries and applications, including those related to the military, consistent, reliable use is needed in all lighting conditions.

NVIS-compatible displays are some of the most versatile displays on the market, and the only type of display that can be paired with NVIS technology to provide use in even dark lighting conditions. Using NVIS displays, a broad range of applications, uses, and purposes are made possible.

Applications of NVIS Displays

There are many applications of NVIS displays.


NVIS-compatible displays have been used in the military for a variety of applications, including by the Navy, Special Ops, Infantry, and Marines. NVIS displays can help military personnel with clearing locations, surveillance of areas or targets, sniper overwatch, search and rescue, identification, and other standard operations/tasks that must be done in low-light conditions. NVIS compatible displays can also be used for navigation during the night.


NVIS displays are increasingly being used in commercial industries and medical fields, as they provide solutions for a range of applications. EMS and paramedics can now use NVIS for locating injured or missing people during the night, while thermal imaging can be used by physicians and healthcare workers for specific diagnostic purposes. NVIS-compatible displays have a wide range of applications for commercial industries, including in the energy sector, agriculture sector, and construction/trades sectors. NVIS displays can be used in mines or for night-time excavation, or they can be used in buildings to provide visibility for a variety of mechanical and electrical purposes.


Regular people can now also make use of advanced NVIS solutions, which were previously only available for military and other high-level applications. NVIS monitors can be effectively used for night-time navigation for vessels, providing greater safety and efficacy. Hunters can also make use of displays with night vision compatibility filters, allowing them to gain clear visibility during the night.

Hammer NVIS Goggle-Ready Display Features

Nauticomp Inc.’s Hammer display series is the premier rugged display for military uses, featuring NVIS goggle-ready compatibility, military touch glass, and high-shock resistance. The Hammer display is durable and reliable for use in all applications and conditions, with sunlight readability, dim-to-black capability, and an expanded operational temperature range. The Hammer display also is IP67/68 sealed, ensuring effective use in both outdoor and marine conditions. Nauticomp Inc. has provided our premier displays for use in Special Operations, Coast Guard, and the Navy, as well as other government contracts of the first- and second-tier levels.

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