Things to Consider Before Purchasing Commercial-Grade Monitors

Ship in the harborIf you need to secure a commercial-grade monitor, then it is likely that you need digital displays that are more rugged, longer-lasting, and more capable than other types of digital signage. Commercial monitors are used for many industry, military, and government applications. There is a number of different commercial-grade LCD displays available, and the right selection depends on the purpose of the monitor.

Here are the six things you should consider to help make the right selection.

What scale of monitor do you need?

The first thing you should consider is the size of the commercial-grade monitor you need. Depending on the purpose, different sizes may be more beneficial. A wall-sized installation will make your display the dominant piece in any room and the main focus for anyone present, whereas smaller monitors can be used effectively for individual use or supplementary applications.

From what distance will it be viewed?

Once you know the required size of your monitor, you need to know the distance from which people will be viewing it. Larger monitors typically need to be viewed from farther away as pixilation becomes more apparent the closer a viewer is. For larger monitors, a viewing distance of tens of feet may be required, whereas smaller monitors may need a distance of only a couple feet.

In what environment will the monitor be used?

Your commercial-grade monitor must be able to provide effective display in the environment where you will use it. If sunlight or other excessive ambient light will be a factor, you will specifically need a monitor that can provide effective resolution and screen brightness in those conditions. For marine purposes, your monitor should be waterproof to prevent damage to the unit. Consider whether your unit will be exposed to sunlight, dust, extreme temperatures, outdoor weather conditions, or industrial debris (e.g. sawdust, contaminants).

What will be the logistics of use?

For whichever commercial monitor you choose, you need to know what power source will be used as well as the logistics of both the installation and use. Research the different methods of powering a commercial monitor and determine which one will work best for your needs and environment. Consider monitors with multiple inputs, which will ensure greater compatibility for use in a variety of environments.

Is it practical for use?

Think about the continued operation and maintenance of your monitor. Commercial monitors with easy-to-use interfaces and customizable options will ensure intuitive ongoing operation. Consider how the monitor will be controlled and operated. Controls can differ among monitors, so select a unit that will be easy to operate in your environment.

Does it meet your specific needs?

It may be possible that you have special considerations for your monitor. For instance, if you require your monitor to operate for long periods of time or 24/7, then you need to choose a commercial-grade monitor that can handle longer operation times. If you need multiple units or units that do not consume too much power, consider monitors with LED backlighting, which operate with less power.

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