Why Malls Should Have Digital Signage Displays

Commercial monitors are dominating our daily lives in dynamic ways. They allow us to binge-watch our favourite TV shows, we use them to make online purchases, we use them to complete work-related tasks, we can play games on them to pass the time, and so much more. These versatile industrial displays are popping up all over the place, most notably inside our shopping centres.

Digital Signage in Shopping Centres

Digital signage displays in shopping centres have drastically evolved and improved over the years. Believe it or not, they weren’t always the high-tech computer-based structures they are today. As little as 20 years ago, mall directories were still printed on a thick piece of paper and placed in a glass encasing. It was someone’s job to come in every once in a while to update or change the advertisements on the other side and there could usually only be one ad at a time inside the directory. Nowadays, most—if not, all—mall directories are digitized, which means that the internal advertisements and changes to the directory can be made remotely from a state-of-the-art computer mainframe.

Benefits of Using Digital Signage Displays in Shopping Centres

The benefits of installing digital signage in commercial shopping malls are endless. Not only do they provide more convenient, quick, and easy means for customers to find the exact stores, products, and services they’re looking for, but they also greatly benefit the retailers as well.

High-End Wayfinding Technology

Digitized mall directories allow customers to search for the stores they’re looking for with ease and convenience. The faster customers are able to find your store, the faster they’ll be able to spend their money there without having to deal with the frustration of searching the entire mall or waiting in line at the customer service desk. Modern mall directories now have easy-to-read maps that outline the exact route a customer has to take from their current location to get to their desired location inside the shopping centre.

Increased Ad Space for Retailers

Commercial-grade monitors inside shopping centres hold a dual purpose: one is to serve the needs of the shoppers and the other serves the needs of the retailers. These ingenious setups have the capability to hold multiple ads from multiple retailers simultaneously. The ads can be set on a rotation to change as people walk past. Rather than having to bring someone in to manually change each ad once a week, the ads change instantaneously as often as the programmer directs them to based on how much money has been provided by each advertiser.

Improved Accessibility for All Users

In this day and age, accessibility is a high priority for a lot of retailers who want to accommodate their wheelchair-bound and other physically disabled customers. Digital directories can help achieve this objective by providing customers with alternate, more accessible routes to navigate through the shopping centre and reach their destination.

Nauticomp Inc.’s Custom Commercial Monitors for Malls

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