5 Common Mistakes to Avoid in a Digital Outdoor Signage Campaign

batch-12-20-of-21-PUVT222There are many benefits to a well-implemented digital signage campaign. Not only can it help you boost sales and increase brand awareness, but it can help you reach a broader audience. The key to successfully incorporating outdoor signage in your marketing efforts, however, it to know how to use the technology to your advantage.

Below are five common digital signage mistakes that businesses make and how you can avoid falling into the same trap.

1. Installing Your Sign in the Wrong Location

In order to have a successful campaign, you have to know where to install your outdoor signage. You’ve likely heard the phrase “Location, location, location” when it comes to real estate, and the same concept can be applied to digital signage.

It doesn’t matter how great your content is; if your signage isn’t placed in an area with heavy traffic, no one will see it. Your goal is to reach as many people as possible with your outdoor signage and the best way to do that is to ensure that it’s placed at eye level on a popular street.

2. Not Including a Call-to-Action

So, you’ve managed to grab the attention of your audience with your digital signage…now what? The next step is to turn that lead into a sale, and that’s where a call-to-action (CTA) is necessary.

A call-to-action is what directs your audience to take the next step and seek out your products or services. It can be a simple line that tells people to contact you for more information or it can direct your viewers to your website, so that they can make a purchase.
Regardless of what you want your viewers to do, it’s important to include a call-to-action in all your outdoor signage campaigns, so that you can turn interested viewers into customers.

3. Over-Complicating Your Content

It makes sense to want to fit as much information on your sign as possible, but when you consider the fact that most people will only have a few seconds to view your digital signage (as they walk or drive by), you may want to consider making your message short and simple.

Overly complicated or lengthy outdoor signage tends to have an undesirable effect on people. The chances of the message being read in its entirety is slim and it bombards people with too much information to process.

Instead, just emphasize your keys points and make sure your call-to-action is clearly visible.

4. Targeting the Wrong Audience

Just like installing your digital signage in the wrong location can impact your success, not targeting the right audience can also make or break your campaign.

Determine who your target audience is (e.g. business professionals, stay-at-home moms, etc.) and do some research to see what groups of people tend to pass by your outdoor signage throughout the day.

To target the right audience, you need to customize the content to the specific needs and wants of your target group (e.g. marketing a new children’s store to young parents).

5. Relying on Static Digital Content

This is perhaps one of the easiest mistakes to make. People don’t want to see the same sign over and over again; the more a person becomes accustomed to the imagery on your digital signage, the less it will stand out to them.

One way to get around this is to avoid, static digital content. Switch things up from time to time and update your content often. Digital signage is meant to engage your audience and enhance their experience as customers. Use technology to your advantage!

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