Factors to Consider while Customizing Digital Displays

seriesii_04-150x150Digital displays can serve multifaceted purposes in our daily lives. From being great sources of entertainment to keeping us informed to serving as unique marketing platforms for businesses of all sizes, the possibilities are virtually endless. But there are a lot of important factors to consider when it comes to choosing the right digital display technology for your commercial needs.

After all, digital displays are a major long-term investment and certain configurations and decisions are more suitable for certain types of businesses. Here are a few details you should think about when purchasing and installing indoor or outdoor digital displays for commercial use.

Business Goals and Target Audience

Think about and define your business goals and the type of target audience, demographic, or regional locals that you’re trying to engage. Are you planning on expanding your business to new markets? What demographic is most prominent in your current location and the locations you want to target? With these considerations in mind, you should come up with specific localized key brand messaging that speaks to specific demographics and captures the attention of your target audiences.

Size and Resolution

The size and resolution of the digital displays depends largely on whether they’re indoor or outdoor displays as well as the type of environments they’re going to be placed in. Larger screens with clear high-definition resolution are more suitable for outdoor locations while smaller screens with lower grade resolution are ideal for indoor retail locations.

Bezel and Display Finish

The bezel is the exterior frame that holds the entire display together. Therefore, it needs to be extremely durable and capable of withstanding various external elements such as different weather conditions and public usage, regardless of how rough or gentle it is. A strong bezel ensures a long lifespan for the display which can also reduce your overhead costs.

Display Colour and Brightness

Display colour and brightness are two factors that also depend on the placement and location of the monitor. Outdoor displays—particularly ones that are set up in busy locations—typically require more frequent lighting and colour adjustments than indoor displays due to changing lighting conditions throughout the day.

Well Executed Touchscreen Interface

High-end touchscreen interfaces are incredibly compelling and effective at capturing people’s attention. This digital display technology can help you create a truly interactive, memorable, and imaginative face-to-face marketing experience for your prospective and existing customer base. Moreover, people will also be more compelled to relay their experiences with your brand to their friends and family. With the advancement of smartphone and tablet technology, touchscreens have become an integral part of our everyday lives.

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