5 Effective Ways Digital Signage Will Help Elevate Your Upcoming Event

By now, it’s no surprise that digital signage has infiltrated and completely taken over most business sectors, including the event planning industry. Whether you’re planning a companywide conference, a tradeshow, an executive retreat, a product launch, or a team building event, incorporating digital signage can help enhance the experience of all attendees for a number of reasons. Event technology such as large interactive screens, venue sourcing tools, event web site builders, registration management tools, digital agendas, attendee networking apps, etc. can help you ensure that your event and all related activities go off without a hitch.

Here are five important benefits of planning and executing an over-the-top digital event.

1. It Exudes a Professional and Dynamic Vibe

Showcasing an advanced technological approach to your event proves to attendees that you’re completely attuned to modern sensibilities and can appeal to a much larger and more widespread audience. Your target audience—Millennials—will respond favourably to seeing the latest technology such as digital wayfinding systems, event schedules, and social media feeds throughout the venue.

2. Real-Time Social Walls

Speaking of social media, it makes sense to install a number of digital social walls throughout the event premises where attendees can easily see what their peers are saying about the event. It also encourages physical and digital attendees to voice their own perspectives and share hashtags for others to see in real-time while sparking online discussions and debates regarding certain aspects of your event. With expansive online platforms like Twitter and Instagram, people from all over the world will be given the opportunity to participate in these interactions.

3. Interactive Image Gallery

Digital signage also gives attendees the ability to view, scroll through, and contribute their own personal images to an interactive image gallery. While this is an excellent self-promotional and educational tool, it also alerts attendees to various aspects of the event that they might not have been aware of previously. And the images taken during the event can also be uploaded to the event web site and shared online, so that digital attendees can feel as if they’re physically present.

4. Live Audience Response Sharing

Presenters and keynote speakers can also make great use of digital signage during their presentations by allowing for interactive audience participation. This is a great way to promote audience participation and engagement, both online and in-person. The presenter can ask the audience questions and get a live response in-real time.

5. Competitive Leaderboard

What better way is there to encourage audience participation and engagement than creating a little friendly competition between attendees and brands? Arranging fun games like scavenger hunts, Bingo, or spinning a wheel to win awesome prizes incentivizes attendees to actively participate in your event and share it with their peers online. Including social media competitions like asking attendees to take pictures with certain scavenger hunt items and posting them on Instagram with specific hashtags is also a great way to get more people involved.

Regardless of the type of event you’re planning, it simply won’t be complete without the right type of technology. Static signs are out and digital signage is in.

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