Digital Signage for Movie Theaters and Outdoor Event Enclosures

Digital signage is arguably one of the most underrated and underused forms of multimedia advertising and entertainment. Far too many corporations underestimate the sheer power it has to vastly improve customer and user experiences, especially inside multiplexes and at outdoor events. When appropriately and strategically utilized, state-of-the-art digital displays can help capture and keep the attention of passersby to inform them of upcoming films, events, and promotions while also encouraging their active engagement. In the digital marketing world, making first impressions is paramount and eye-catching digital displays can help you accomplish that goal. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of digital signage inside movie theaters and at outdoor events.

Advantages of Digital Signage for Movie Theaters  

Modern movie theaters are money-making machines. With multiple blockbuster movies being released pretty much every summer, the rising cost of ticket prices and concession snacks, and let’s not forget, the multimedia viewing experiences they have to offer, it’s not surprising that annual movie theater revenues are practically through the roof.

Even though streaming and downloading movies at home is a viable option for a lot of people, there’s no denying that there’s something special about sharing the movie-going experience with other people. Installing high-tech digital signage for movie theaters can help enhance that experience and keep people coming back for more. Here are some practical applications for digital signage inside movie theaters that can help lower costs and increase ROI:

Electronic Concession Stand Menu Boards

Static signs get outdated quickly and are cost-prohibitive because of how often they need to be replaced. Digital menu boards make it easier to update specials as needed, add and remove concession items, and promote new items or sales. Plus, they’re a lot more attention grabbing and tend to draw consumers in, even if they weren’t originally planning on purchasing any movie snacks. As a result, this is a great way to increase profits while also saving money on printing and installing static signs every time your menu options change.

Simple Wayfinding Solutions

Imagine a crowded movie theater on a Saturday night. Surrounded by all the people, kids, and the background noise from the arcades and other games, it can be somewhat difficult to get your bearings. Trying to locate the bathroom or the correct corridor for your auditorium can be challenging with all of that going on.

Luckily, digital signage offers a few important wayfinding solutions for those times when guests can’t find a movie theater attendant. They can help guests locate the nearest bathroom, their auditorium, and even their seats for movies that require reservations.

Outdoor and Indoor HD Movie Poster Displays

Rather than having to manually or physically switch out static paper movie posters every time a new blockbuster phenomenon is released (which seems to be every other month now), movie theater managers can make the appropriate changes use computer applications. Create HD movie poster displays outside and inside the movie theater to let people know what’s playing. Update showtimes so people can easily plan when to catch a movie. Additionally, this technology allows movie theater managers to show exciting trailers for brand new movies to draw more people in and also exhibit ratings for parental and viewer discretion.

Endorse Loyalty Programs and Other Promotions

Strategically placing dynamic digital displays throughout the movie theater is a great way to promote loyalty programs and entice patrons to actively participate in them. And while you have their attention, you can also use this opportunity to promote other items as well, such as concession specials, upcoming theater events, advanced screenings, and even interactive in-theater games. All in all, digital signage makes the whole theater going experience much more immersive, enticing, and memorable than staying at home to watch a movie.

Loyalty programs come with a lot of perks of their own such as earning points that can be used to redeem intriguing prizes or getting discounts at restaurants, clothing stores, and on future movie purchases.

How To Protect Indoor Movie Theater Signage

Now that you understand a little bit about the perks of modernizing more movie theaters to include digital signage as an interactive aspect of the movie-going experience, it’s important to learn about protecting your investment. Movie theaters can sometimes get very crowded—especially on Friday nights, weekends, or upon the release of a highly anticipated movie. Weekends are probably the busiest time of the week for a lot of movie theaters because that’s when most people have the free time to actually see a movie. With that said, it’s easy for digital signage to get vandalized or damaged from the sheer number of people who scrape against and accidentally nudge them in public. That’s why it’s important to protect your investment.

Indoor digital movie theater displays require a lot of protection. At the same time, you don’t want to compromise on the aesthetic appeal of your displays because that’s what attracts larger crowds.

The best way to protect your digital displays from inevitable risk factors is to enclose them with a durable water resistant, dustproof, and scratch-resistant chassis that can withstand all kinds of rough usage. Not only will you get more usage out of your digital signage this way, but you can also save money in the long run by not having to replace them as often.

Outdoor Digital Signage for Movie Theaters and TV Enclosures

Outdoor digital signage displays are just as important for increasing revenue for movie theaters as indoor displays for the following reasons:

  • They attract more patrons and increase engagement levels
  • They create valuable advertising and revenue opportunities
  • And they bring together multiple forms of technology

In summary, installing dynamic digital displays at all movie theater locations can help improve the overall experience, increase revenues, and draw more people to go out to the movies.

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