5 Key Characteristics to Know about Sunlight Readable Displays

Sunlight readible displayWhen it comes to important outdoor display features, sunlight readability is one of the most desirable components that consumers look for in their digital LCD and LED monitors and displays.

Sunlight readable displays are ideal for a number of personal and professional indoor and outdoor applications with abundant bright, natural lighting and other ambient lighting conditions. From screen brightness adjustability to anti-glare and anti-reflection properties, sunlight readability provides consistently crystal-clear image and video quality.

To help you make an informed decision on your next personal or professional-use touchscreen indoor or outdoor display, read about the top five characteristics of sunlight readable displays.

Optically Bonded Glass

LCD and LED monitors typically have a protective layer of glass that prevents damages such as scratches from ruining the screen. This layer of glass can also produce unwanted glares and reflections that impede video and image quality, especially in ultra-bright settings. This is caused by the air gap between the top glass panel and the LCD or LED panel.

Optically bonded glass features a thin layer of industrial-grade optical adhesive that fills in this air gap and prevents internal reflections while also improving the contrast ratio, which results in a crisper image quality in high bright lighting conditions.

High Brightness Levels and Adjustability

Sunlight readable displays also feature high brightness levels, adjustability, and excellent image and video contrast. Enjoy bright, bold colours and crisp images during any time of day, regardless of natural or synthetic lighting levels.

Complete with optically bonded glass, sunlight readable touchscreens are ideal for all lighting situations and can easily be adjusted to the appropriate brightness level without overworking the device’s battery.

Daylight Visibility

Sunlight readable digital touchscreens also offer unparalleled versatility as they can be used in all kinds of indoor and outdoor lighting conditions while maintaining strong image quality and screen visibility. Whether they’re for work or play, these screens always offer optimal viewing capabilities with ultra-high resolution, contrast, clear image displays, and enhanced performance even during strong daylight hours.

Dust and Waterproof

Dust and waterproof capabilities is another feature that typically accompanies most sunlight readable displays. These touchscreens are strategically designed to prevent small dust particles, debris, and water droplets from permeating the edges of the screen and destroying the technological design within.

Devices featuring dust and waterproof filters typically have a minimum IP65, which also helps extend the lifespan of the device by keeping its internal structure intact and protecting it against age-accelerating debris.

Strong Anti-Reflection Properties

Indoor and outdoor optically bonded digital display touchscreens have superior anti-reflection properties. The top layer of the touchscreen is protected by a thin layer of glass or film to prevent external damages. Between the top layer and the LED or LCD panel, there’s a thin flexible anti-glare and anti-reflection film that enhances image quality and screen visibility by preventing reflections.

Now that you know which features to look for in a sunlight readable indoor or outdoor touchscreen display for your personal or professional use, it’s important to purchase your device from a reputable company.

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