How Commercial LED Displays Can Boost Digital Advertising

Commercial LED DisplaysOver the years, commercial LED displays have slowly conquered the realm of strategic outdoor advertising, phasing out static billboards one sign at a time. Digital advertisements are capable of enticing audiences in ways that static billboards simply can’t. Just look at places like Times Square. It’s covered in neon signs and digital advertisements and every year, millions of tourists flock there to take pictures and take in the flashing lights and sounds.

This is undisputed proof that outdoor advertising LED screens have the power to bring people together to simultaneously entertain and inform the masses.

What Is a Commercial LED Display?

LED stands for “light emitting diode.” These diodes are 90% more energy efficient than standard incandescent light bulbs and they’re capable of producing crisper, crystal clear stunning visuals by comparison.

The visual effects are activated when a single electrical current runs through a built-in microchip. The microchip then illuminates the miniscule LEDs, which act as a vibrant source of light that’s projected onto the back of the display screen. LEDs produce substantial heat, which is absorbed by a device called a heat sink to prevent fire hazards and display performance issues. The result is a stunning, visually dynamic image on the exterior.

How Can We Use LED Displays for Outdoor Advertising?

When used appropriately and strategically, LED screens for outdoor advertising can be extremely effective at helping business reach their branding objectives. Social media ad revenues have seen substantial increases over the past decade or so. Combine that with advertising through commercial LED displays for your business, and your brand can reach a whole other level of recognition.

Whether they’re indoor or outdoor displays, LED screens can and should be used to advertise your brand’s social presence. Use it to encourage your target audience to follow you on social media. Create interactive digital LED advertisements that people can participate in using downloadable content and branded apps on their phones.

Both create a unique and rare branding experience that allows you to advertise your products and services to your target audience in a way that just feels like entertainment rather than a pushy sales pitch or annoying advertisement.

What Are the Advantages of Using Commercial LED Displays for Digital Advertising?

Digital advertising technology has evolved a great deal over the past few years, allowing for companies to come up with innovative and dynamic advertising campaigns that speak directly to their target audiences. If you’re wondering whether commercial displays can amplify your digital advertising game, here are a few key advantages to keep in mind.

Attract Customer Attention

Creative and dynamic LED displays have the power to grab the attention of your customers, whether they’re just passersby or people actively looking for your business. Even amongst the overstimulating din of busy city streets, outdoor commercial LED displays can make your storefront pop and stand out from all the others.

Traditional static signs and billboards that need to be changed out frequently just can’t do that. No matter how bright and colourful they may be, they just end up fading into the background and are no more noticeable than their surroundings. LED displays are a great investment because they literally and figuratively shine a light on your business.

Remote Management Capabilities

Another great feature of outdoor commercial LED displays is that you have the ability to manage your displays and make changes without having to physically remove a static sign. Content changes or edits can be done remotely. Simply upload your desired videos or images onto your computer, insert them into your digital advertising software, and then schedule them for display.

This is a useful feature because it allows you to change the digital advertising based on location without having to actually go to each location and physically make the changes or pay a technician to do it.

Digital advertisements can also be uploaded onto a secure cloud program for storage and easy access in the future.

Low Maintenance and High Durability Rating

Modern outdoor LED displays are designed to be incredibly rugged and can withstand exposure to a wide range of environmental elements and inclement weather conditions. Requiring minimal maintenance, these durable and high-quality pieces of machinery are expertly designed and crafted to last for many years to come. LED displays are also dust-proof and waterproof to prevent internal damages and they’re impervious to rough usage in public places.

Create Dynamic and Unique Content Opportunities

Digital advertisers and marketers are always looking for new and innovative ways to interact with and entice their target audiences. Whether they’re catering to existing loyal customers or trying to amp up their customer acquisition techniques, commercial outdoor LED displays create excellent dynamic and unique content opportunities.

Content can be remotely managed, updated, and scheduled in a moment’s notice. Plus, there are endless opportunities to create engaging interactive content that users can interact with on their personal mobile devices.

High Return on Investment

The main goal of advertising a product or service is to gain wide brand recognition and attempt to break into new markets as much as possible. Spending money on advertising, especially digital displays, is a huge risk for a lot of small- and medium-sized businesses. But if it’s done right and in a way that authentically represents your brand, the returns can be incredibly rewarding and fruitful.

Strategically placing your digital display advertisements on busy street corners and other high-traffic locations will guarantee that more people will see them and interact with them. The more eyes you have on your digital displays, the greater the chances are that you’ll turn a profit from them.

Nauticomp Inc.’s Outdoor Commercial LED Displays for Businesses

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