6 Commercial Benefits of Stadium Digital Signage

There’s no doubt that in today’s fast-paced world, advertisers need to stay well ahead of the game and their competitors. Reaching out to mass audiences both in person and on live TV at large commercial events like concerts and sports tournaments is an effective solution. In fact, the commercial benefits of digital signage in multifaceted stadiums with thousands of spectators are boundless. Stadiums are perfectly equipped to help you send out your brand messaging to as many people as humanly possible without suffering a huge loss of revenue. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of using digital signage in stadiums and arenas.

How Can You Benefit from Investing in Digital Signage in Stadiums?

Digital signage is one of the fastest and most efficient ways to reach out to a widespread audience base. And unlike online marketing, which uses content that’s targeted at specific demographics, digital signage in stadiums and arenas allows you to raise brand awareness on a more universal scale. Here are some of the ways in which companies can and do use digital signage at stadiums to their advantage:


Advertising always moves much faster than the market can predict. New products and services are launched before you even learn how to use their precursors! That’s why advertising is so effective. Whether you notice it or not, advertisements (or at least some form of them) are everywhere. From branded merchandise to clothing with team logos to crawling ledgers inside the arena advertising upcoming events, digital signage inside stadiums has revolutionized the formats companies use to interact with a broad range of audience members.

Merchandise Sales

Stadium events provide the ideal setting for advertisers, businesses, sports teams, and entertainers to sell their merchandise—even if they’re grossly overpriced. Fans tend to splurge on big ticket items when they’re in the moment and feeling good. Even if their favourite team just lost a big game, many fans still feel the need to support their team and show loyalty. Win or lose, people tend to spend big money at merchandise stalls. Whether it’s to purchase clothing bearing the name of the performer they just saw live or a jersey with the name and number of their favourite athlete, many fans go into stadium events with the preconceived notion that they’re going to spend money.

Concession Stand Sales

There’s usually a lot of hubbub and sometimes major confusion before, during, and after major stadium events. Halftime periods and intermissions are usually when many concession stands make the most profit. As people get up to go to the bathroom or stretch their legs a little, they’re likely to pass by at least two or three concession stands along the way. Placing large digital signs advertising the current specials is a great way to get their attention during this time.

From far away, the traditional static concession stands can be difficult to read. Plus, it takes a lot of effort and time to replace the signs every time there’s a pricing, event, or product change. In the old days, it used to take a few hours or days before the new signs were printed and replaced the old ones. Then there was the problem of discarding the old signs in an environmentally friendly way. Digital signs provide a sound solution to all of these problems and lower the carbon footprint of concession stands inside stadiums.

Easy Navigation for Patrons

Amidst all of the noise, bright lights, large crowds, and excitement, it’s easy to get lost inside large stadiums. Some people might even feel as if they’re walking through Times Square rather than inside a large building. Digital signage is the answer to this problem. By providing state-of-the-art wayfinding solutions, digital signage can help eventgoers easily navigate their way through the din and find their rightful seats.

Many large stadiums have started implementing GPS-controlled interactive roadmaps that patrons can connect to on their digital devices. These applications are also useful for people who work in the stadium such as security guards and ushers, so that they can direct people to their seats more efficiently and get the crowds moving faster.

Influencing Eventgoers

As mentioned, many people attend major stadium events with the intention of spending at least some money. Whether it’s on food, merchandise, or both, people go into these events knowing that they’re going to be there a long time. Many patrons even go out of their way to withdraw spending money from ATMs or their bank specifically for these events. With this mindset already in place, it’s easy to influence people to make spur of the moment purchases with effective advertising that speaks directly to them. Even if they’re on the fence about how much money they’re willing to spend, effective digital signage has the power to influence and encourage people to make spur of the moment purchases. That alone can help offset the amount of money spent on advertising and help increase revenue.

Creating Enhanced and Memorable Customer Experiences

One of the biggest assets of installing dynamic digital signage displays is that they simultaneously create enhanced and memorable customer service experiences. Don’t forget—we live in the digital age. And that means every adult, teenager, and child has a smartphone or some kind of portable device in their hands. When people see inventive displays, they want to be able to share them with the world all in the name of going viral. This is a great way for you to inadvertently increase your brand awareness because patrons do a lot of the advertising for you.

The Future of Digital Signage

Digital signage is the future and greater innovations are always on the horizon. With that comes enhancement in the following areas:

  • More personalized advertising that speaks to individual patrons
  • Greater brand recognition
  • Versatile applications of digital signage and AI

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