Top 4 Ways to Use Digital Signage in Sports Stadiums

Sports stadiums are already big money makers in their own right. With the capacity to seat thousands of eager spectators and be transformed into concert arenas whenever the occasion calls for it, they rake in millions and sometimes billions of dollars every year. Considering the large crowds of people that attend these events on a regular basis, installing state-of-the-art rugged LCD displays throughout arenas is a great way to increase consumer interest, advertise other events and promotions, and attract more people to concession stands.

Here are four ways that digital signage can be effectively implemented in sports stadiums around the world.

Provide Wayfinding Solutions

Sports stadiums are massive and sometimes overwhelming. When there are thousands of people bustling around trying to locate the nearest bathrooms, their seat sections, and/or concession stands, trying to wade through the crowds can be intimidating and challenging.

That’s why a lot of major sports stadiums like the Scotiabank Arena (formerly known as the Air Canada Centre) have started installing advanced digital wayfinding solutions throughout their premises. Wayfinding digital signage gives people clear and concise directions so they can easily make their way through the large crowds and find whatever it is they’re looking for. Using bright lights, flashing signals, and large print, these wayfinding solutions are far more effective than the traditional static signs that are hard to see from far away.

Digital Concession Menu Boards

Digital concession menu boards are the perfect solution for anyone who’s ever stood patiently in a long concession line during a break between periods. Sometimes, it can be difficult to read what’s on the menu from far away, but digital signage makes it easy with rotating large lettering and images.

For concession stand managers, it pays off to install rugged LCD monitors because they can spend less time and money physically changing menu boards every time they need to adjust prices or add new concession items. This technology allows updates to be made in a matter of minutes using advanced technology.

Promote Concerts and Other Engagements

Crawling digital signage during sporting events holds a lot of value and can increase the stadium’s ROI. Venue managers can use this technology to promote concerts and other engagements during sporting events by announcing which performers are coming to town and when. These eye-catching displays have the power to sell more event tickets as fans are made aware of these upcoming events.

Modernized Executive Suites

Even corporate executives like team managers and owners need a place to hang out and watch the game with their guests. Modernized executive suites that are equipped with state-of-the-art LCD monitors allow them to sit back and enjoy the game from a premium viewing area without any interruptions.

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