Why Your Business Should Invest in Rugged Display Technology

Numerous industries including restaurants, retail stores, construction companies, medical facilities, as well as military and naval operations all benefit significantly from investing in rugged displays to complete their daily tasks. These devices are designed and built to withstand all kinds of rough usage, weather conditions, and environmental conditions, and are even responsive to stylus pens or gloved hands. Depending on the requirements of your industry and your business in particular, you can even order rugged displays that are customized with features that are essential to the successful operation of your occupation.

Keep reading to learn about all of the reasons that your business should invest in industrial display technology and how it can enhance your operations.

Industrial Displays Last Longer

Industrial displays are built to last much longer than their commercial counterparts. Commercial displays may be less expensive when it comes to upfront costs, but that’s only because they’re made from less durable materials than rugged industrial displays. They’re simply not meant to be used on major job sites but a lot of employers tend to opt for commercial displays regardless because they’re cheaper. In the long run, though, they could end up costing your company more money because of how often they break and need to be repaired or replaced. Even standard industrial displays are much more likely to last longer than commercial displays because they’re constructed with much stronger materials.

Low Power Consumption and Adaptability

Another benefit to purchasing industrial displays instead of commercial monitors is that the former are designed to consume much less energy and you can even adjust the brightness on the screens as needed. This will save you a substantial amount of money on your business’s monthly electricity bills, especially if you run a 24-hour business. In turn, this also allows you to reduce your environmental impact without compromising your ability to access necessary applications or diminishing the quality, accuracy, and efficiency of your work.

User-Friendly Interfaces

Another perk is that many of these devices also feature user-friendly interfaces, which means that pretty much anyone—even the least tech-savvy individual on your team—can learn to use them. They’re virtually foolproof and they typically are equipped with detailed instruction manuals for first-time users.

High Employee Approval Rates

As a direct result of the user-friendly nature of these devices, many employees on various types of jobsites actually don’t mind learning how to use them. The more accepting your employees are of the technology that they have to use, the faster they’ll learn to use it; this will inevitably increase productivity in the workplace.

Reliable Long-Term Warranty Plans

Because manufacturers are fully aware that these devices will be used on industrial job sites, they’re usually more likely to offer excellent long-term warranty plans that cover all kinds of incidents that may occur while on the job. From cracks and scrapes to internal malfunctions, oftentimes these devices come with extensive warranties that guarantee your device will either be repaired or replaced in a timely manner at no additional cost to you.

Nauticomp Inc. has been designing, manufacturing, and distributing high quality rugged industrial displays to various industries throughout North America for well over 20 years. Our name is trusted because we offer an assortment of necessary and customizable features including sunlight readability, infrared lighting, and weatherproof capabilities to name a few. To learn more about our company and our products, please contact us!