Digital Signage Trends of 2018 & 2019

Over the past few years, digital signage has managed to make exponential technological growth in the advertising and marketing sectors, drawing in billions of dollars in ad revenue annually and it’s obvious this medium isn’t going away any time soon. Rather, it’s getting flashier, more advanced, predictive, and interactive as well. Digital signage trends are growing in popularity and changing the ways in which we interact with and react to different types of marketing campaigns both online and in the real world. In 2018, we’ve already seen the incomparable impact of those revolutionary changes and it’s apparent that 2019 will continue carrying the torch well into the future.

How Digital Signage Technology Is Improving Communication And Customer Outreach Techniques

Modern technology has made it invariably easy for marketers and advertisers to reach out to their intended prospective customers by specifically catering advertisements to suit their tastes. This ingenious development was far from accidental; it was done with the utmost of intention. To attract your ideal audience to your products, services, and most of all, your brand, you need to identify who they are and target them directly and that’s exactly what digital displays allow companies to accomplish.

Personalization and Interactivity

Current digital trends have moved far away from simply attempting to predict what the people want; instead, they already know what the people want and not only that, they know how and when to deliver those products, services, and pieces of information in just the right fashion. Personalized advertisements are created based on past data that companies collect about their visitors’ past online and in-person experiences and feedback. This information is strategically incorporated into marketing campaigns to encourage dual interaction between potential customers and brands. It works exceptionally well because it encourages meaningful and memorable interactions that customers will internalize and always associate with certain brands.

Incorporation of the Internet of Things (IoT)

If you’re wondering what the Internet of Things is, how it functions, or why it matters, you’re not alone. The Internet of Things is the basic notion that all computing devices are somehow interconnected and able to communicate with one another. It’s that abstract idea that technically, you can be connected to people halfway around the globe simply by interacting with them via various online platforms including e-mail, social media, and even live chatting. Technologically savvy brands are starting to incorporate this phenomenon into their digital displays and will most likely continue doing so in 2019.

Security, Trust, and Transparency

Perhaps one of the biggest concerns consumers have with brands that operate strictly online is deciphering whether or not they’re trustworthy. Establishing a strong relationship with your customers requires earning and keeping their trust. That also entails ensuring that your online operations are secure and promote total transparency. If you make a statement regarding the integrity of your brand or what you intend to deliver to your customers, make sure it’s backed up by evidence. People want to make sure their sensitive information will be safe and secure before they choose to input into your database or web site, especially while making purchases.

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