How to Choose Marine Displays for Ship Navigation

When choosing a marine display for ship navigation, there are a number of considerations that need to be taken into account.

Marine navigation displays must be able to perform at a much higher level than consumer-grade displays. Marine computers must be able to withstand use in harsh conditions, provide consistent reliability, and offer proper functionality for ship navigation.

Marine environments can be harsh, with exposure to moisture, water, temperature extremes, sunlight, and wild weather conditions. As well, durability and reliability are key for any equipment used in a marine environment, for both safety reasons and economic considerations.
Here are some of the features, capabilities, and functionalities that all marine multifunctional displays should offer.

Versatile Mounting and Installation

Marine displays should offer versatile mounting options so they can be safely secured to a variety of surfaces. Marine cabins can have limited space and safety/usability considerations that impact the placement of a monitor. Versatile mounting options ensure that a monitor can be placed in a range of positions and environments. Look for displays that can be supported through panel, wall, or VESA (Video Electronics Standards Association) arm mounting, allowing placement at any height or angle.

Compatibility with the Existing System

Displays must be compatible with the existing marine system being used. Choose monitors that have multiple inputs (DVI, VGA, composite, and S-video) and that can support Windows and Linux operating systems. Marine-grade displays should have a wide range of compatibility with the types of hardware and software used in the marine industry.

Waterproof Touchscreen

Equipment used in marine environments needs to be waterproof and able to withstand wet conditions. Rugged waterproof displays that are IP67/68 sealed can provide consistent use in marine environments, resisting damage from water or moisture. Waterproof touchscreens offer more usability, allowing easier navigation and greater precision.

Sunlight Readability

Marine displays are typically exposed to daylight and extremely bright lighting conditions. Regular consumer-grade displays are rendered unusable in these conditions, as extreme light can wash out screens and make them unreadable. Marine displays can use sunlight-readable technology to ensure that they can be used at anytime of day, both indoors and outdoors. Sunlight-readable marine monitors use optically bonded glass, LED backlighting, and other features to ensure visibility and clarity at all times.

Temperature Resistance

Marine equipment can be exposed to a wide range of temperatures. Consumer-grade displays can overheat or shut down when exposed to temperature extremes, which is a major safety concern. For any marine display, it’s important that it has an extended operational temperature range that allows for use in both hot and cold temperatures. Determine what temperatures your equipment may be exposed to and find monitors that can work safely within that range.

Nauticomp’s Marine Displays for Ship Navigation

Nauticomp Inc. is a display manufacturer with decades of experience designing and engineering rugged monitors for marine environments. Our marine displays are built to last, offering rugged chassis, extended operational temperature ranges, sunlight readability, and versatile mounting options. Our displays for marine applications are also waterproof and IP67/68 sealed, ensuring that they can provide years of use in harsh environments. We also offer custom designs, working with clients to create the marine displays that can meet their navigational needs.

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