Rugged Touchscreen for Kiosks

rugged touchscreenWhen it comes to business kiosks, rugged touchscreens offer distinct advantages over older technology. With advances in technology, kiosks are becoming more common in a variety of industries. Before, displays and monitors were primarily used in purely industrial fields, where they were necessary for high-level tasks.

However, kiosks are becoming integrated into many types of businesses. Shopping malls, fast-food restaurants, banks, airports, retail outlets, and other public-facing businesses are now making use of digital kiosks, using these displays to provide greater service, accessibility, and experience to their customers.

Kiosks can be used to display information, allow customers to find answers to their questions, and replace front-line staff for a variety of functions. A digital kiosk can allow customers to place orders, make a purchase, or sign up for a contest or service. There are many advantages to using digital kiosks, and employing a rugged touchscreen monitor for a kiosk carries many additional benefits.

Importance of Rugged Touchscreen for Kiosks

There are reasons why it’s important to use rugged technology for digital kiosks. Kiosks need to be rugged. Often, touchscreen kiosks need to endure heavy usage per day, being used by tens, hundreds, or even thousands of people. Furthermore, business kiosks often need to provide consistent use over a wide span of time. For instance, an airport kiosk may need to be operational 24/7. In addition to that, certain kiosks that are used outdoors or in proximity to the outdoors (such as those used drive-thrus or front-of-store displays) can be exposed to weather conditions, including sunlight, rain, or fluctuating temperatures.

For all of these reasons, digital kiosks need to be able to withstand harsh usage and conditions that would damage consumer-grade technology. Traditional touchscreen displays can easily break, malfunction, or become damaged due to the harsh use. Rugged technology is designed to provide consistent use in extreme or unfavorable conditions. When used for kiosks, rugged touchscreens can ensure long-lasting benefits, greater durability, and increased cost-savings in the long term.

How to Select a Rugged Touchscreen for a Kiosk

When it comes to choosing rugged touchscreens for kiosks, there are some specific features and functionalities that business owners should keep in mind.

Waterproof Touchscreen

If a kiosk is going to be used outdoors (such as in a drive-thru) or could potentially be exposed to liquids (such as in a restaurant or cafe), it’s important to use a waterproof monitor. IP67/68-sealed monitors are designed for use in marine environments and are designed to withstand wet weather conditions. While regular monitors can become easily damaged when exposed to liquids, waterproof displays can be used effectively outdoors or in other harsh environments.

Sunlight Readability

If a kiosk is going to be exposed to sunlight, whether outside or in close proximity to windows, then sunlight readability is essential to ensuring the touchscreen can be used. Sunlight can easily wash out monitors, preventing visibility and readability. A sunlight-readable monitor employs optically bonded glass, LED backlighting, or other technology to keep the display readable in the brightest lighting conditions.

Temperature Resistant

In large commercial environments, it can be difficult to control temperature as effectively as in a smaller space. Fluctuations in temperature, as well as temperature extremes, can render a touchscreen kiosk inoperable. Rugged touchscreens have extended temperature ranges, allowing for consistent use in indoor and outdoor environments.

Various Mounting Options

Businesses often have special considerations when installing kiosks. For instance, displays may need to be at certain heights or angles, or placed in specific environments (such as outdoors for a drive-thru, or extending from ground level in a large airport terminal). Rugged touchscreens can be built to allow for versatile mounting options, giving business owners more usability.

Custom Dimensions

Rugged touchscreen manufacturers can build kiosk displays to business owners’ specifications, offering custom designs that meet their needs. Businesses often have special considerations that need to be taken into account. Rugged display manufacturers can engineer and design custom displays, with the features, size, and capabilities that are needed.

Nauticomp’s Rugged Touchscreen Solution for Kiosks

Nauticomp Inc. offers a range of rugged touchscreens suitable for use in commercial, industrial, marine, and military applications. Our rugged touchscreen models offer the highest standard of functionality for digital kiosks and are able to withstand extreme physical use and perform consistently in both indoor and outdoor environments. An industrial touchscreen monitor for a kiosk can save business owners money in the long term, providing years or decades of use with no need for replacement. We offer custom designs, working with clients to engineer the touchscreen monitor that will meet their specific needs.

Are you looking for a commercial display? Nauticomp Inc. is an established display manufacturer with worldwide brand recognition as an innovative industry leader. We are dedicated to providing high performance displays that are at the forefront of leading-edge display technology. Contact us at 1-705-328-2992 for Canadian service and at 1-800-267-9491 for U.S. service.