Industrial LCD Displays for Factory Automation System

When choosing a display for a factory automation system, go with industrial rugged LCD displays, which offer the most benefits.

Factory automation systems have numerous industrial advantages, allowing business owners to automate work and minimize expenses. Manufacturing and other industrial processes can be made more efficient with the use of these automated systems.

However, automated systems can also introduce challenges to industrial environments. One of the chief challenges is finding equipment that can handle use in an industrial environment. Industrial LCD monitors are built to provide consistent, reliable, and high-performance use in factories, warehouses, and other industrial settings.

Why Industrial Rugged Displays in Factories?

Industrial environments can be harsh on equipment. Consumer-grade technology is prone to breaking down or malfunctioning, creating inefficiencies and safety risks. In factory settings, exposure to chemicals, temperature extremes (heat or cold), contaminants (dust, debris), and moisture and humidity can damage equipment.

Rugged displays for factory environments are designed to provide consistent and durable use in even the harshest applications. Unlike consumer-grade technology, industrial LCD monitors can last for years or even decades in harsh applications. They feature capabilities and functions that provide greater usability with factory automation systems, and their durability protects them from damage.

How to Choose the Right Industrial Displays for Factory Automation Systems

When choosing industrial LCD monitors for use with factory automation systems, there are some key features and functionalities that should be looked out for.

Shockproof Enclosure

The prime feature of rugged displays is a shockproof, durable chassis that can withstand damage from vibrations and physical force. Factories can be a rough environment and equipment needs to be able to withstand a higher level of physical use. A shockproof enclosure ensures that your display is protected.

Size of Display

With any display used in an industrial application, size can be an important consideration. When it comes to factory automation systems, the size of displays can differ from system to system. It’s important to look for rugged monitors that come in a variety of sizes, ensuring that they can be integrated with your system. As well, look for display manufacturers that offer custom models that can be built to your required specifications.

Temperature Resistant

Industrial displays and monitors should feature extended operational temperature ranges, allowing the technology to be used in extreme heat or cold. Factories can be rough environments when it comes to temperatures. Temperature extremes can cause regular technology to shut down or malfunction. For safety and consistency, it’s important to use equipment that is temperature resistant.

Multiple Inputs for Better Connectivity

Factory system displays and monitors should feature multiple inputs, ensuring that they can be used in any application. To ensure compatibility with factory automation systems, look for displays that have multiple inputs (DVI, VGA, composite, and S-video). Industrial monitors should have greater versatility than consumer-grade technology.

Various Mounting Options

Look for displays with versatile mounting options, ensuring that they can be used in any application or setting. Displays may need to be used in areas with little available space, or there may be safety/usability considerations that affect their placement. Look for displays that can be mounted through panel, wall, or VESA arm mounting. A panel mount LCD display can save space, while a rack mount LCD display is easily integrated into factory automation systems.

Customized Display

Some industrial display manufacturers offer customized displays to meet their clients’ specific needs, requirements, and considerations. A customized display can be built for specific factory settings or applications. These custom models ensure that a display can be used in any industrial environment, no matter the application.

Why Our Industrial LCD Monitors?

Nauticomp Inc. is a leading manufacturer and provider of rugged LCD displays for industrial, marine, and military applications. Our industrial LCD monitors have enhanced durability and can provide consistent use in the harshest factory settings. We offer models with enhanced temperature ranges, rugged shockproof enclosures, versatile mounting options, and features for increased usability (touchscreen, multiple inputs, dim-to-red capability). We also offer custom models built to our clients’ specific industry requirements. Contact us at 1-705-328-2992 for Canadian service and at 1-800-267-9491 for U.S. service.