How to Choose Rugged Computers for Oil and Chemical Industries

rugged LCD displaysIn the oil, gas, and hazardous chemical industries, rugged LCD displays can be a necessity.
Companies in the energy sector (oil, gas) or those that work with large quantities of hazardous chemicals must deal with complicated, high-level tasks on a massive scale. In the oil, gas, and chemical industries, operations often require advanced machinery, thousands of highly trained workers, large investments, and proven processes to overcome logistical challenges.

Industry technology also needs to be high-level, able to perform and withstand damage in harsh environments. If hardware breaks down or malfunctions during an operation, this could result in large costs or even injury to workers.

A rugged LCD monitor is an advanced solution for the energy sector, offering increased durability, reliability, and capability when used in the harshest environments.

Choosing a Rugged Computer for Oil and Chemical Industries

Rugged computers and monitors have increased durability that makes them suitable for use in harsh, industrial environments. These monitors can be used outdoors (in rain, at night, in extreme temperatures), in environments with contaminants (dust, pollutants, debris), and during the day or night.

Using rugged computers can save costs and extend the lifespan of technology for industrial companies, but they are also often a necessity in the energy sector. Rugged computers come in sealed chassis that protect against water, environmental contaminants, chemical exposures, moisture, and extreme temperature fluctuations.

As well, rugged displays can resist damage from vibrations, shocks, drops, and other types of physical abuse. They also do not emit sparks, which can be a major concern in industrial environments that contain flammable chemicals or other materials.

For these reasons, rugged displays are often a necessity in the oil, gas, and chemical industries.

Benefits of Rugged Computers for the Oil and Gas Industry

There are several distinct advantages to rugged displays that may not be readily known. While it’s important to have technology that is rugged enough to withstand environmental conditions, there are other benefits to using these computers.

  • Save Money: While rugged LCD displays typically have a higher upfront cost, they have a much lower total cost of ownership (TCO). This means that, in the long run, using these computers is actually more affordable than using lower-level consumer technology. Rugged computers last longer, do not malfunction or break down as often, and can lead to increased savings over the years.
  • Increased Effectiveness: Rugged computers are not only more resistant but also feature a range of capabilities and functionalities that allow for greater use. Many rugged LCD displays are sunlight readable and also feature dim-to-red capability, allowing them to be effectively used in outdoor conditions day or night.
  • Accessibility: Rugged computers also have a variety of features that allow for increased versatility, accessibility, and use. These include a rugged touch screen, multiple inputs, and other features that allow for greater ease of use compared to consumer technology.
  • Custom Solutions: Industrial display and monitor manufacturers can create customized solutions for industry and commercial enterprises, businesses, and organizations. Displays can be engineered to meet specific industrial needs or specifications, providing the right tools for your operation or environment.

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