How Ruggedness Reduces TCO for Commercial Computers

commercial grade monitors Commercial monitors may be designed for use in high-level applications, but they are often more cost-effective for businesses that would require lower-level displays and monitors.

When businesses need displays and monitors, they have a choice between two types of display. Consumer-grade displays, such as the ones anyone can purchase in an electronics store or retail outlet, are meant for personal use. They are usually not intended for use by businesses, meaning they can provide low performance in certain conditions (daylight, low light, etc.) or be damaged easily by water or physical contact.

On the other hand, commercial-grade monitors are engineered to be rugged and provide high performance in commercial environments. However, due to their higher price, some business owners opt for cheaper consumer technology instead.

What many people that don’t realize is that rugged computers are often more cost-effective in the long term. To understand why, you have to look at something called TCO.

What is TCO?

TCO is short for “total cost of ownership” and it’s a metric that business owners can use to more accurately measure costs and make more cost-effective business decisions.

TCO looks at the total cost of an investment over a lifetime, rather than just looking at the upfront cost. With any business purchase, there are a variety of hard and soft costs besides the upfront cost that must be accounted for, including installation costs, operating costs, repair/replacement costs, and ongoing maintenance costs.

For instance, a cheap light bulb may be $5.00, compared to a higher-efficiency model that costs $20.00. However, if the cheaper bulb only lasts a month and the more expensive bulb lasts a year, it is more cost-effective to invest in the higher-price light bulb. The cheap light bulb would cost $60.00 per year compared to $20.00 for the more expensive variation.

Business owners use TCO to make more accurate determinations of cost when it comes to their business. They don’t look at how much an item will cost them in the short term, but rather what it will cost in the long term. While rugged computers have a higher upfront cost, they have a lower TCO and can actually help business owners save money.

Ruggedness Reduces TCO for Commercial Computers

The TCO for rugged computers is lower than for consumer monitors. There are several reasons for this, the most obvious being that rugged computers have extended lifespans. Rugged computers can be expected to last at high use for five years, at the very least (and reputable manufacturers will offer warranties for their monitors), and for typically even longer.

Consumer monitors, on the other hand, typically will be inoperable by the end of five years’ time, particularly if they have been used for a commercial application. In fact, over one-third of consumer monitors have to be replaced within two years of use, so the cost of replacing consumer monitors quickly outpaces that of buying a higher-end model.

Furthermore, rugged computers are far more resistant to damage. Rugged computers can be waterproof, sealed against contaminants (dust, pollutants, etc.), and typically come in a rugged chassis that is durable against physical damage. This means that rugged computers are far less likely to become damaged or require repair.

Finally, with a versatile rugged computer, business owners have no need for upgrades or replacements. These displays and monitors use high-end technology that can provide the greatest performance beyond what is needed for any commercial application. In fact, rugged computers are used by the military and the government in extreme conditions and life-and-death situations. When you use a rugged computer, you can be assured that you will never need to upgrade the technology even five years down the line.

With a reduced TCO, rugged commercial grade monitors and displays are typically the most cost-effective choice for business owners in all industries.

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