Digital Signage Trends for Retail Establishments in 2019

The competition between traditional brick-and-mortar retail establishments and their more modern and convenient e-commerce counterparts has become intensely fierce over the past few years. Physical retail stores have had to amp up their marketing strategies to continue attracting and maintaining loyal customers and keep up with the online world. Incorporating intelligent digital technology in retail marketing and sales tactics is the catalyst to increasing foot traffic and building solid brand loyalty.

Keep reading to learn how evolving digital signage trends can help boost your retail store’s bottom line and give you the right competitive edge you need to succeed.

How to Use Technological Advancements to Your Advantage

Digital marketing campaigns are extremely popular right now and it doesn’t look like this trend is going to dissipate any time soon. In fact, the more advanced technology becomes, the greater the likelihood is that it’ll be a permanent fixture of the modern advertising industry. For that reason, traditional retail environments need to be able to keep up with the demand for digital signage. Not only is digital signage a more efficient form of advertising than traditional means, but it also empowers employees to have more information than ever before at their fingertips and drive an increased amount of sales.

With that said, here are several ways in which digital displays can be used to boost your brand awareness, increase foot traffic, and drive sales.

Mobile Applications

Hardly anyone can be seen without a mobile device semi-permanently affixed to the palm of their hand these days. Business savvy retailers are already taking advantage of this observation by launching mobile apps for their companies, offering exclusive discounts and promotions via e-mail, and encouraging customers to go online and rate their shopping experience. All of these marketing tactics are an excellent way to help you build strong brand awareness and maintain relevance. At the same time, mobile apps empower employees by giving them the tools they need to better serve your customers and guarantee a positive in-store experience. If a customer asks a question to which an employee doesn’t know the answer, then they can simply use the mobile app to find the right answer quickly and accurately without keeping the customer waiting.

Create a Personalized Shopping Experience with Artificial Intelligence

Retail stores have been collecting vital artificial intelligence about customers for years. This data is used to help retailers cater to their customers’ every need and create a more personalized and enjoyable shopping experience for each person that walks through their doors. It includes asking for contact information at checkout and signing customers up for special loyalty programs. The idea is to reward customers who frequently shop at your store and encourage them to continue doing so while also gaining the attention and respect of relatively new or first-time shoppers. Giving your customers an incentive to continue supporting your brand is a great way to capture and keep their loyalty. Of course, not every customer is comfortable with providing their personal information and retailers need to respect that as well by giving customers the choice to opt out of loyalty programs either from the very beginning or at a later time if they decide they don’t want to partake.

The Virtues of Having a Virtual Assistant

With the holiday season fast approaching, you may find that your store is busier than ever and it’s becoming increasingly challenging to serve each and every customer by giving them your undivided attention. If you feel like your staff is spreading themselves way too thin in trying to meet the demands of your growing customer base, then installing a virtual assistant display in your store might be helpful. Virtual assistants can maximize your customers’ shopping experiences by providing quick and easy answers to simple questions. For instance, if a customer is simply wondering whether or not you offer a certain product or service, or if they want to inquire about your return/exchange policy, they can simply ask the personal assistant for a quick answer. Virtual assistants are also beneficial to your employees who may be preoccupied with assisting other customers who require more attention than the ones with simple questions.

Create a Consumer-Driven Design

Have you ever noticed how more and more retail stores have strategically set up displays full of merchandise in front of their checkout counters or how certain products are conveniently placed within close proximity to one another on the shelves? That’s considered a consumer-driven design. Basically, what that means is that those products that you see at the last minute before purchasing your items are purposefully placed near the cashiers so that you’ll see them and feel the urge to make an impulse buy. Or when you see products that obviously complement one another placed on the same shelf space, it’s because retailers know that you’ll be more tempted to buy one with the other (think chips and dip in grocery stores). Consumer-driven designs increase the likelihood that people will spend more money in your store by subtly reminding them that if they’re purchasing that nice pair of khakis, they’ll need the turtleneck to go along with it.

Experiment with Different Marketing Tactics

Not every marketing tactic works in every single retail or business environment. That’s why a lot of companies are constantly changing their advertising techniques. It can take a long time for retailers to find their niche marketing technique that works well for them and speaks to the minds and pocketbooks of their customers. There’s no harm in experimenting with a few different marketing methods as long as you’re quick to realize when something isn’t working and vigilant about moving on to the next possibility. You should always approach new marketing strategies with an open mind and most importantly, listen to your customers because they’re your biggest asset.

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