A Technological Wonder: Nauticomp Inc.’s Genesis Series Display

signature-ii-seriesAs far as reliable, cost-effective, and efficient marine display technology goes, Nauticomp Inc. is one of the biggest industry leading designers, manufacturers, and distributors. Our worldwide recognition for being one of the most prominent marine display companies is well warranted and the proof is self-evident with our state-of-the-art Genesis Series Displays. These rugged marine and military-grade monitors are built to withstand all kinds of weather conditions, sunlight, and temperatures. With a wide range of applications that are designed to meet the highest marine and military standards, our products are guaranteed to last for years to come. Customized applications and durable chasses that surround the largest military and marine-grade screens are just some of the features that make our products stand out from the competition.

Distinctive Features of the Genesis Series Displays

In addition to their incomparable ability to endure the harshest possible working and weather conditions, not to mention managing a wide range of applications and sensitive data retention, these displays are also equipped with a number of important features. The application of these features facilitates timely and accurate marine and military operations.

Sunlight Readable Displays

When your crew is deployed in regions with unpredictable weather conditions, sunlight readability is an essential display feature. Our screens are custom-designed with TFT LCD transflective backlighting that uses energy from the sun to enhance onscreen visibility even on extremely overcast days and for nighttime functionality.

Dust and Waterproof Capabilities

Unpredictable operational conditions call for advanced preparation. Implementing dust and waterproof displays in your military and marine operations ensures that your digital devices will last longer and function better even in the most inclement weather conditions. Elements such as dirt and precipitation are no match for our marine and military display technology.

Durable Bonded Glass

Modern displays include bonded glass because it helps enhance the clarity and readability of the screen so that your data input and retention capabilities remain completely unobstructed. Bonded glass also provides a much-needed additional layer of protection against physical damages such as cracking and dirt penetrating the surface of the screen.

Multiple Input Options

The Genesis Series Displays come with multiple input options to offer greater compatibility with a wide range of applications and USB configurations. That way, you never have to worry about whether or not the system is compatible with your technology. Input options include DVI and VGA.

Extended Temperature Endurance

Working in different weather conditions also means that your digital touchscreen display needs to be able to endure a variety of temperatures. Sudden drops or hikes in temperature can cause inadequate systems to fail or malfunction; but the Genesis Series Displays are all capable of maintaining safe internal temperatures to ensure optimal functionality at all times and prevent freezing or overheating.

Deep Dimming

Deep dimming helps minimize the energy consumption of your displays throughout the course of your military or marine mission, which preserves and extends the battery life on a single charge.

Nauticomp Inc. is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-tech marine and military-grade displays. We also supply our technologically advanced monitors to companies across a wide range of industries including retail, gaming, and medical businesses. To learn more about our company or place a custom order, please contact us.