Advanced Retail Display Technologies & Gadgets for Your Store

In order to maintain a competitive edge with the disruptive e-commerce market and online distributors, brick-and-mortar stores have been forced to adapt their business models to include innovative display technologies that promote increased customer interaction and engagement. These displays are specifically designed to capture and hold the attention of prospective customers to actively encourage them to purchase items they might have otherwise ignored. The idea is to increase in-store sales by encouraging customers to make more impulse buys through the use of impressive and uniquely futuristic technology. Keep reading to learn all about the latest trends in retail digital technology and how they put a positive spin on your bottom line.

Transparent Displays

Transparent displays are largely used in retail environments to help customers get a better look at how a particular outfit looks on them from all angles. They simply stand in front of the mirror, rotate their body 360 degrees while standing directly in front of the transparent glass display, and the mirror will record their movement. The customer can then view a short video clip of themselves wearing the outfit from all angles. Transparent display technology has already been adapted into a number of high-end stores and they’re growing in popularity thanks to their touch-interactive applications.

Interactive Vending Machines or Outdoor Kiosks

Built with the intention of grabbing the attention of passersby, these unique interactive vending machines help make for a quick, convenient, and satisfying shopping experience. Imagine walking down a busy street in any major city in the world and being able to not only purchase stunning brand name clothing items from a digital vending machine but also having those items hand-delivered to you within the hour by a store associate. With interactive retail vending machines and outdoor kiosks, you can skip the dressing room and cashier lineups by instantly being able to select your favourite clothing items that are actually in the store—all without having to actually go inside! This technology allows physical retail stores to capitalize more on their customers’ impulse buys by delivering exceptional customer service and promoting more customer engagement.

Product Testing In-Store Interactive Digital Display Systems

In-store product testing is far from a new concept in the retail realm. However, the gadgets used to allow customers to try before they buy have certainly undergone a great deal of improvements. Enhanced digital display units are far more likely to catch the attention of your prospective customers than static models that simply sit on the shelf. In addition to hiring dynamic brand ambassadors and sales people to engage with passersby, you need an intriguing display that allows them to test out the product in a fun and unique way. Memorable digital displays have been proven to increase sales, brand awareness, and brand loyalty.

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