The Growth of Smart Displays in the Automotive Industry

Modern technology has played an undeniably significant role in shaping the advancement of the automotive industry. Smart displays have become commonplace features of our daily lives, starting with personal and work usage and then slowly creeping their way into our vehicles as well. Through Bluetooth connections, consumers can now connect their mobile devices, tablets, and other peripherals to the computer systems within their vehicles. Popular consumer demand and modern necessity have allowed commercial LED displays to infiltrate our vehicles. By the looks of it, this development is expected to see continuous growth in the coming years and the quality and capabilities of these smart displays will vastly improve with time.

Automotive and LED Display Market Overview

As a consumer, you’d have to be living under a rock not to know that smart cars aren’t just a flavour of the week trend. They’re here to stay. And not only do they have a strong lasting hold on the automotive industry, but the demand for bigger and better features is also rapidly burgeoning. As a result, the automotive industry is constantly working to meet consumer demands.

Automotive manufacturers are constantly working against the clock to beat their competitors to the punch when it comes to releasing unique technological advancements that’ll get consumers excited about driving again. Think about how much time you spend in your car. Whether you’re commuting to and from work, dropping your kids off somewhere, going to appointments, or running errands, your car is an integral part of your daily life. For your daily convenience, you need a vehicle that’s practical, functional, and easy to drive. But you also need one that provides adequate entertainment and technical features for those long days when you’re stuck in traffic or going on a family road trip. The vast majority of consumers agree that advanced technology, which includes built-in commercial monitors, are no longer simply a nice-to-have add-on in vehicles, but a definite necessity for modern life.

High-Tech Applications of Smart Displays

Smart displays connect to all Bluetooth devices. That means you can make hands-free phone calls, dictate voice activated commands and text messages, access navigational apps, and do so much more while driving without posing a serious safety risk. Compact and sophisticated touchscreen displays also allow motorists to perform these functions with minimal physical contact, which enhances safety measures while driving. These innovations have been around for a number of years now, but improvements are constantly on the horizon.

What’s even more impressive is the advancement of self-driving or autonomous features in vehicles that are projected to be rolled out in the very near future. With crystal clear side and rear-view cameras and more advanced safety features than ever before, the automotive industry is expected to experience a massive surge in technological advancements.

The Rising Demand for Technological Advancement in the Automotive Industry

Cars are no longer designated to simply be convenient modes of transportation to get your from point A to point B. Consumers have come to expect a lot more functionality from their vehicles. While safety features are certainly a top priority for a lot of people, so are style, entertainment value, and navigational capabilities.

As congestion in major cities and roadways continues to rise, so does the agitation that comes with spending countless hours inside vehicles. People need to find ways of entertaining themselves and their kids without distracting them from the task at hand. Since expanding road infrastructure is putting more cars on the road and exacerbating the issue, installing smart displays inside vehicles provides the only plausible solution to this dilemma.

Frustrated parents need to find ways of keeping their kids entertained while they focus on driving. Drivers who are lost or unfamiliar with a certain area need a reliable digital navigation app to help them get around. To meet this demand, some automotive companies have started incorporating secure and reliable Wi-Fi connections within their vehicles. Just like in all other aspects of our lives, the future of the automotive industry is clearly digital.  

The Role of Smart Display Technology in the Automotive Industry

Industry experts have forecasted massive growth projections for the future of the technological and automotive sectors, particularly in Europe and North America. Some industry insiders believe that European countries will be at the forefront of technological advancements in the automotive industry. By the year 2022, the European automotive smart display is expected to surpass $1.71 million USD in value. Considering the fact that smart displays in vehicles have only been around for a few years, that’s pretty impressive.

Safety, comfort, and style are all important features that consumers demand from their modern vehicles and incorporating smart displays in modern automobile designs brings this demand into fruition.

The North American smart display automotive market, particularly The United States and Canada, is projected to be a close second to the European market within the same timeframe.

The Impact of Smart Signage on Road Safety

A recent market report states that the use of smart displays will extend well past inter-vehicle functionality. The future of commercial LED displays in the automotive industry could also impact external aspects of driving including high-tech digital road signs, up-to-the-minute road closure updates, construction sites, and so forth. While many road signs have already adopted this technology, it’s expected to become far more widespread in the near future with the intent of vastly improving driving and road conditions for motorists. 

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