Benefits of Using Digital Signage in Tradeshows

Like most paper products, static tradeshow signage is quickly becoming a relic of the past. As more and more companies become more environmentally conscious and work toward reducing their carbon footprint, rugged LCD displays are at the forefront of numerous industries. Tradeshows offer excellent opportunities to showcase what your business has to offer, engage more customers, broadcast your creative marketing prowess, and feature innovative and eye-catching displays.

Digital signage has the capacity to reach a much wider and more diverse audience than static signage and it’s also a lot more versatile. Here are just some of the benefits of using industrial digital displays at your next tradeshow.

Enhance the Look and Functionality of Your Booth

Not all tradeshow booth locations are created equal. But with the right digital displays adorning your booth, you can easily increase your chances of attracting and engaging more people. Interactive displays can effectively bring people to your booth and keep them there.

Even if you’re busy helping other customers, having an interactive display such as an iPad or computer set up can help keep visitors entertained while they wait. On top of that, you can also use this as an excellent opportunity for the people waiting to learn more about your company, products, and services by displaying informative videos, infographics, and even games in your digital advertising.

Dynamic Room Wayfinding Technology

Tradeshows usually have a lot going on. Overstimulation from all the lights, sounds, and imagery can be overwhelming to the senses and make it difficult for people to locate your booth. Setting up a dynamic industrial display is a great way to make your booth stand out from the rest of the hubbub and gain more foot traffic. Use digital signage to promote any special events you have going on throughout the event including product demonstrations, informative seminars, or special appearances by industry leaders.

A Wide Selection of Display Types

Given the fact that your goal is to create an interactive and dynamic display that attracts as many industry professionals and customers as possible to your booth, your display setup should be extraordinary. Come up with different display configuration ideas that you think will speak directly to the types of attendees you’re hoping to attract. From large wall mounted displays to suspending colourful screens in the air, the sky’s the limit in terms of how you can go about accomplishing your advertising goals at a tradeshow. Just make sure you check the guidelines and obtain any necessary permits beforehand.

Display Social Media Feeds in Real-Time

Social media has become the pinnacle of effective online advertising and marketing across a wide range of industries. It’s a great tool to use to engage physical and virtual tradeshow attendees and keep them updated on everything that’s happening throughout the exhibition. Leverage various social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to showcase online feeds in real-time and create social schedules so that people can keep up with all of the day’s events. This is also a smart way to keep attendees engaged and encourage them to interact with your company online by entering sweepstakes, playing games, and making use of original hashtags.

Engaging Touchscreen Poster Galleries

Touchscreen poster galleries at tradeshows are akin to wayfinding digital maps in shopping malls. They’re basically a digital guide to all of the different events that are going on at the tradeshow. They provide a complete vendor and attractions list, as well as booth numbers and locations throughout the arena.

If you’re worried about the cost of setting up and maintaining these interactive displays, considering how many people will be using them, they’re actually quite affordable and you only need to setup a handful of them throughout the event centre to guarantee their effectiveness.

Also, many of these displays are waterproof, dustproof, durable, and come with sunlight readability and adjustable brightness settings so they can withstand all kinds of environments and usage.

Synchronized Leaderboard Feeds

Help your brand and customers participate in a little friendly competition throughout the tradeshow just to keep things a little interesting. From interactive digital games to group scavenger hunts and other forms of entertainment, the best way to keep track of who’s in the lead in real-time is by setting up a digital leaderboard feed that everyone can use.

While having leaderboard displays set up throughout the event venue is a great way to capture people’s attention, an even better way to keep them engaged throughout the event is to create an app that allows them to track their progress on their phones. That way, they’ll be able to see exactly where they stand compared to their competitors and be more motivated to improve their rankings during the event.

Interactive Tradeshow Floor Plans

Event planners can make great use of interactive tradeshow floor plans. Pretty much every aspect of tradeshows is broadcast online through social media, web sites, and official apps. To make it easier for all attendees to make their way around the event centre, it’s important to make the floor plans available on social media, the event web site, and the app. Displaying interactive tradeshow floor plans is also a great idea because it allows event planners to easily make last-minute changes and keep the digital floor plans updated as well.

Live Audience Feedback

Keynote speakers and presenters can use industrial displays to ask for live audience feedback during their presentations. By asking poll questions, presenting information in person and through online live feeds, not to mention encouraging online and in-person audience interactions, industry leaders now have a greater capacity than ever before to entice larger national and international audiences.

At Nauticomp Inc., technological innovation isn’t just our passion, it’s our specialty. As one of the leading manufacturers of digital displays, we’ve constructed designs that are applicable across a diverse range of industries from military and marine operations to retail environments and so much more. Contact us today to learn how we can help you enhance your tradeshow display and attract more people to your booth.