How Digital Signage Can Be Helpful in a Dental Clinic

Digital Signage in Dental ClinicInevitably, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced all businesses across Canada to reformulate their operations. Dental clinics were also affected by the closures to some degree, with many of them only allowed to offer emergency dental services on a limited basis. During the second stage of the reopening process, the Ontario government deemed dental practices essential and allowed them to reopen as long as they took the necessary sanitation steps to keep patients and staff members safe.

Reopening stipulations and processes include:

  • Purchasing large supplies of PPE
  • Retrofitting dental offices with glass partitions to prevent the spread of droplets
  • Installing air purifying filters throughout the office
  • Providing more hand sanitizing stations
  • Installing digital signage or touchscreen displays

If you’ve been avoiding going to the dentist for the past few months, rest assured that all of these requirements are being met and the use of digital signage is making the transition to the new normal a lot easier. Keep reading to learn more.

Kick-Start Your Dental Clinic

For the most part, dental practices across the country were shutdown save for those that were performing essential procedures such as dental surgeries. Non-essential procedures such as cleanings and checkups were put on hold indefinitely to slow down the spread of COVID-19. Now that the numbers in Ontario have significantly stabilized, however, more dentists are pushing to provide their full scope of non-essential cosmetic services with strict health and safety protocols in place.

Utilize Hand Sanitizers

Dental and medical offices have always provided hand sanitizer, even before the pandemic started. Since the onset of the pandemic, however, greater focus has been placed on the use and availability of automated or touchless hand sanitizer dispensers. These dispensers are placed strategically throughout dental clinics including at the front entryways, the receptionists’ desks, in the waiting rooms, and in the area where the treatments are performed. Medical-grade hand sanitizers are the most effective bacteria-killers on the market as they’re comprised of 60% alcohol.

Use Digital Signage to Display Important Information

When dental clinics were first allowed to reopen, patients were asked to wait outside the premises until they were called in by a staff member. This was meant to limit the number of people in the office and slow down the spread of the virus.

Waiting rooms are slowly being reopened now, but still with strict limitations and low patient capacities. Digital signage placed both outside the office and inside the waiting room entertains patients while they wait to be called in. They can also be used to provide important COVID-19, treatment, or clinic-related updates including educating them about your dental office’s new health and safety protocols.

Give your patients peace of mind so they can feel comfortable getting the essential or non-essential dental treatment they need.

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