Why Are Marine LCD Monitors So Vital?

Specialized and ruggedized marine computers are an essential, if not mandatory, aspect of marine navigation systems for the sole reason that they have the ability to withstand all of the immensely harsh environmental and weather conditions that are inherently part of being on a naval vessel. Exposure to a combination of various elements, most notably strong winds and water, is inevitable which means that these machines need to be heavily equipped with adequate protective measures in order to prevent potentially detrimental and costly damages. For that reason, marine LCD displays are usually built with more durable and industry-specific materials and features. Countless potentially harmful elements are constantly lurking around every corner on naval vessels and it’s important to protect your assets adequately by not only being prepared for the worst conditions but also knowing how to navigate them successfully.

Unique Features and Technologies Used in Marine Displays

When it comes time to select high-quality and suitable marine LCD monitors for your naval base or ship, it makes sense to go with a model that’s highly revered within the industry. At the end of the day, system reliability and durability are integral determining factors between completing a successful mission and suffering a debilitating system malfunction. With that in mind, you need to always remain ten steps ahead of the game and plan for the absolute worst case and presumably unpredictable scenarios.

Basically, you need to always expect the unexpected for the safety and proficiency of your crew. Provide them with the appropriate tools so that they’re fully prepared to handle all kinds of potentially dangerous situations without question. This is a strong demonstration of your leadership skills and your crew will respect and look up to you more for implementing these practices. The following is a list of vital and unique features that all marine displays should contain to ensure long-lasting functionality:

Waterproofing and Anodizing

Waterproofing and anodizing all of your electronic equipment either inside or on the outside of your marine vessel is a given because at one point or another, exposure to large amounts of salt water is unavoidable. As salt water rises and becomes heavily concentrated in the air, it makes direct contact with all pieces of machinery on your vessel. On top of that, ships also have a tendency to encounter extremely turbulent water conditions, which means that salt water will eventually make its way on deck and come into direct contact with your machinery. Purchasing and installing anodized equipment is the best way to protect any metal displays from premature corrosion.

Direct Sunlight Screen Readability and Brightness Adjustability

Even the most basic commercial- and industrial-grade monitor models come with controls that allow users to adjust the brightness on their screen by making it either lower or higher. The brighter the sun shines during the day, the brighter your screen needs to be in order to combat the blinding effects and allow for proper readability. Conversely, at night when visibility is at an all-time low, crewmembers should have the ability to lower the backlighting on their displays to the lowest point possible in order to create a sharper and more easily readable image. Marine monitors require are more heightened level of screen readable navigation than other types of computer displays to ascertain that all digital maps and other data are correctly and accurately interpreted and documented at all times. This will in turn reduce the risk of mistakes being made and decrease the chances of your ship or members of your crew going AWOL.

Optical Bonding

Optical bonding works in tandem with direct sunlight readability and screen brightness and contrast adjustability. It’s the process of connecting two lightweight layers of glass screens together using a translucent bonding agent, is the optimal method used to prevent strong reflective glares from occurring and hindering your screen readability. Sunlight readability and colour adjustment options also allow your individual crew members to adjust the screen specifications according to their specific requirements and comfort level to create optimal usability.

Route Planning and Reliable Navigation

Considering the fact that marine computers are specifically designed for consistent and round-the-clock usage, it’s important that they’re equipped with reliable and fail-safe route planning and navigation capabilities. This feature could be the difference between life and death in some high stake on-the-water situations, especially at night when visibility is at an all time low. Naval crews rely completely on their radar monitors to help them navigate carefully planned out routes all throughout the year, regardless of harsh climate conditions. This means that these systems need to be able to withstand and absorb high levels of shock and vibration to which they’ll undoubtedly be subjected.

Dependable Power Sources and Connections

Due to the ever-changing nature of environmental conditions as well as constant usage, the strength of the power connections and sources on naval vessels needs to be at an all-time high. Consider the fact that numerous crew members will be using the power connections simultaneously at any given time for varying purposes, not to mention the fact that external climate conditions aren’t always ideal. Inclement weather conditions coupled with dodgy waves that can cause the vessel to become awash can all contribute to compromising your crew’s power connections which can make for dangerous working conditions. For that reason, you need to take the proper precautions to safely fasten all of your power sources, cords, and connections in order to implement strong shock and vibration absorption and prevent them from loosening under harsh conditions.

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