Nauticomp Inc. Weighs in on New Proposal to Allow Night Vision Technology for Hunting

Lindsay, Canada, May 6, 2016 – Nauticomp Inc. (, an established display manufacturer with worldwide brand recognition, is weighing in on a proposal that would broaden public use of night vision technology by allowing it to be used for hunting.

A recent proposal in Minnesota has been introduced that would legalize the use of night vision technology for hunting coyotes. Those in favour of the legislation say that night vision technology would increase safety, allowing them to clearly see animals and their surroundings during nighttime. (Source: Orrick, D., “Would night vision make coyote hunting safer? Divisions arise,” Pioneer Press, March 29, 2016;

“Night vision technology is incredibly effective for nighttime use, so there’s starting to be more public demand for it,” says Ryan Moore, president of Nauticomp Inc. “This technology has been around for years, but its typically been used mostly for the military, police forces, and marine vessels.”

Night vision technology allows visibility in night or near-dark conditions, usually using near-infrared technology or thermal heat imaging. Night-vision goggles, scopes, and displays can allow people to see in low-light conditions, enabling them to identify surroundings, people, and obstacles that they would otherwise be unable to see.

“Night vision is often used in life-and-death situations, such as search-and-rescue missions or military operations” Moore adds. “A lot of people just consider it in this context or as something they see in the movies, but there are a lot of other uses that it can be put towards. For instance, a hunter would likely be looking at night scopes for guns, but for commercial or marine industries, night vision displays and monitors can often be used to help with navigation or regular operation during night.”

The U.S. Department of Natural Resources opposes the use of night vision for hunting, partially because it would create an unfair advantage for hunters. However, hunters believe that using night scopes would make nighttime hunting safer, allowing them to clearly identify coyotes and other animals.

“Any activity that is done at night can have an increased risk of danger,” Moore explains. “When visibility is impaired, it can mean more accidents, mishaps, injuries, or other incidents. And for a lot of industries that involve work in low-light conditions, night vision can be essential for safety and performance.”

Debate over the proposal is continuing in Minnesota and it is expected that similar debates will arise in the future as more of the public realizes the benefits of night vision technology.

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