Waterproof Touchscreen Monitor & Displays

waterproof touchscreen monitorFor marine, military, and industrial purposes, where the most rugged technology is typically required, waterproof touchscreen computers are commonly used. Waterproof touchscreen monitor displays are a premier technological solution, allowing for ease of use in a range of outdoor environments. Traditional monitors available to consumers do not have the ruggedness or capability to be used in many industrial applications or harsh outdoor environments, making more advanced solutions a necessity.

Waterproof Touchscreen Computer

Waterproof touch screen monitors are designed and engineered to be used in the harshest outdoor environments. Consumer-grade technology can function fine in typical indoor settings, such as offices or control rooms, but when used outdoors, they can be easily damaged or destroyed when exposed to the elements.

Waterproof displays and monitors are fully capable of functioning in outdoor weather conditions, marine environments, and industrial settings. These monitors are designed to remain fully operational when exposed to water and wet conditions, allowing the technology to be used both outdoors and for harsh industrial purposes. In fact, IP67/68 sealed waterproof monitors can be submerged in water for periods of time without sustaining damage.

For industrial purposes, computers often have to be used for very specific and demanding purposes, which means they require simpler designs and greater ease of use. Water-resistant touchscreens minimize the need for computer accessories, increase functionality, and can be used in a wider variety of applications.

There are other features common with these touchscreen PCs, including being dustproof- and waterproof-sealed, possessing a rugged chassis frame, and sunlight readability, among others. There are many different monitors available for varying purposes and applications.

Genesis Series Display

Genesis series displays have been designed for use in marine and military applications. Genesis displays are an economical and effective solution, built to stringent IP67 standards, ensuring they can be used in the harshest marine conditions. Along with the touchscreen display, Genesis displays are sunlight-readable and have an extended temperature range and slim case design. They are an economical solution for marine, military, and industrial purposes.

Signature II Series

One of the more prestigious models available, the Signature II series of waterproof displays can be used in the harshest conditions and environments. These displays are IP67 sealed, ensuring use in all marine conditions, and feature sunlight readable displays with zero to 100% deep-dimming capability, ensuring they can be used in almost any lighting conditions. These waterproof LED monitors feature LED backlighting, increasing efficiency and reducing power draw on all levels.

Glass Bridge Display

Glass Bridge displays feature the industry’s largest screen in the smallest chassis size, allowing for greater range of use in different environments. Glass Bridge displays are built with a rugged, baked-on, powder-coated chassis, increasing durability and resistance. Optically enhanced bonded glass ensure readability in bright, daylight conditions.

Hammer Displays

Hammer displays are a premier line of military-grade displays for use in the most demanding of applications. With high shock resistance, military touch glass, an “all weather” touchscreen, and an operational temperature range of -20 degrees Celsius to 60 degrees Celsius, Hammer displays are some of the most rugged and durable on the market. They are IP67/68 sealed, ensuring the highest degree of waterproof capability. Hammer displays can also be customized to meet individual requirements and specifications.

Benefits of Waterproof Touch Screen Monitors

Waterproof touchscreen LCD displays can be used outdoors, resisting damage from weather conditions (e.g. snow, rainfall) and marine environments. Sealed waterproof displays are also resistant against dust, debris, and small particulates, making them perfect for use in industrial settings. Waterproof monitors also often have other rugged capabilities, including powder-coated chassis, extended operational temperature ranges, and sunlight readability.

Regular computers are easily destroyed with outdoor use or while in industrial settings. When you use a waterproof touchscreen, you ensure that your computer is durable and can be used for a wider range of purposes. For many marine, military, and industrial applications, these displays are a necessity.

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