Understanding Weatherproof and Waterproof IP Ratings

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Marine displays are frequently thrust into extremely harsh environmental conditions and sometimes dangerous situations. Waterproof displays that are capable of handling virtually any type of natural element have become the standard when it comes to developing state-of-the-art Marines technology. Outdoor weatherproof displays feature standardized IP ratings that indicate their level of ability to withstand exposure to moisture, dust, and dirt.

Born out of necessity for military and marines use, weatherproof display enclosures were once rare technological features. Now, they’re being used for a variety of devices including smartphones and tablets.

What Do IP Codes/Numbers Represent?

IP stands for Ingress Protection or International/Internal Protection mark. This is a standard internationally recognized rating system that indicates the performance of technological protective enclosures. IP ratings signify how effectively certain technological devices are protected against various external elements such as dust, moisture, and dirt.

Once these elements infiltrate the internal mechanisms of electronic devices, they can cause serious damage and render the device ineffectual or damaged beyond repair. The International Electrical Commission dictates the global standard for rating the performance of these protective enclosures. IP ratings consist of two digits that represent different characteristics:

  • The first number indicates the level of solid particle (e.g., dust, dirt, crumbs, etc.) protection the enclosure provides
  • The second number indicates the level of liquid particle (water droplets, water submersion, spilled drink, etc.) protection the enclosure provides

What Is an IP68 Waterproof Display Rating?

An IP68 waterproof rating is the very highest standard for any device. IP68 enclosures offer total protection against the ingress of any type of foreign substances. Six is the top of the scale for protection against solid particle ingress and 8 is the highest level of protection against liquid ingress.

What Is an IP65 and IP53 Rating?

Certain devices can have multiple IP ratings. These ratings indicate that the devices were tested for numerous different types of weather and environmental conditions. Each rating indicates the enclosure’s protective performance in those specific environments. An IP68 rating indicates that a device can handle being submerged in water that’s deeper than one meter.

If a device also has an IP65 rating, this indicates that it can also withstand being sprayed by a liquid or exposed to heavy rain and other wet conditions. An IP53 rating is significantly lower in both regards. These devices are mostly resistant to debris and dust, but they have fairly low resistance to contact with liquid.

What Are Some Applications for IP68 Enclosures?

Since IP68 enclosures are classified as completely waterproof computer monitors, this makes them the ideal choice for virtually any type of extremely demanding outdoor applications.

As a result, Marine and military waterproof LCD monitors are typically required to have a standard IP68 rating to ensure safe and effective operation at all times.

Other uses and applications can include:

  • Devices that are used in areas with high risk of flooding or moisture exposure
  • Water treatment facilities
  • Devices that are primarily for any type of outdoor use

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