Factors to Consider when Selecting an LCD Display

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Industrial and commercial LCD displays and monitors play an essential role in every business’s digital marketing strategy. These displays have unique audio and visually enhanced features that can take your digital advertising to the next level and grab the attention of your customers even from afar. From billboards to interactive storefront signage and product displays, waterproof and sunlight readable LCD monitors have many different applications. Here are some factors that should influence your purchasing decision.

Screen Size

Screen size should be determined by the location of your LCD display. For optimal advertising efficacy, make sure that the LCD monitor is installed in a visible area that’s free of any physical obstructions. Consider the distance from which your audience will be viewing the screen when deciding on the size. Outdoor LCD monitors used for advertising should be significantly larger than those that are used in indoor settings or for office applications.

Pixel Aspect Ratios

Also known as resolution, pixel aspect ratios indicate the number of horizontal and vertical pixels that an industrial LCD screen contains. This affects the quality of videos and images on the screen. Most modern screens have a higher resolution or aspect ratio like 1920p:1080p. That’s 1920 pixels running horizontally with 1080 pixels running vertically across your screen for optimal image clarity. The larger your screen is, the higher the resolution will be.

Optimal Functionality

Industrial LCD monitors have a wide range of unique functions that you should take into consideration. Before making a purchase, take the time to research different display functions and options. Measure those functions against the core technological needs of your business applications. In other words, consider the reason you’re purchasing the display in the first place and what it’s going to be used for. If you just need a small display to entertain or inform patients in the waiting room of your medical office, then a small- or medium-sized screen should suffice. But if your goal is to use the screen for indoor or outdoor advertising purposes, then you’re going to need one with remote control capabilities, high resolution, sunlight readability, and waterproof features to name a few.


Industrial displays are nothing without the technological devices to which they’re connected. These devices feed them the information that’s displayed on the screen. Hence, industrial LCD displays need to have multi-port connectivity that supports a vast network of devices including laptops, tablets, and more. This is called the Internet of Things (IoT).

Of course, display connections aren’t just limited to computers. Input and output peripheral devices such as keyboards, mouses, printers, and storage devices such as hard and flash drives also need to be compatible with the industrial displays.

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