How Optical Bonding Technology Improves Digital Display Quality

Optical bonding is the process of attaching the top layer of touchscreen glass directly to an LCD display using a thin layer of strong adhesive. The intent is to strengthen the display and vastly improve its overall performance, readability, and touch-point accuracy by bridging the gap between the top layer and the display.

As a result of this process, optically bonded digital displays offer a wider variety of uses and benefits than touchscreen displays that aren’t optically bonded. The benefits of optically bonded displays include the following:

Sunlight Readability 

Not only is optically bonded glass and its binding adhesive completely transparent to avoid obstructing viewability and readability of onscreen content, but it can also be utilized in all kinds of weather conditions at any time of the day or night. Contrast is one of the biggest problems for outdoor monitors because the more ambient light that’s reflected from the screen, the harder it is to read. Optical bonding increases the display’s black and white contrast ratio and reduces the amount of ambient light that’s reflected to improve sunlight readability. 

Prevents Dust and Moisture Infiltration 

Traditional touchscreen configurations are only bonded from the sides and leave a massive gap in the middle that allows dust, dirt, and moisture to get in and destroy the display from within. Completely closing that gap makes it impossible for dust and moisture to ever penetrate the surface of the glass. 

Prevents Parallax Issues 

Parallax comes from the Ancient Greek word “parallaxis” which means “alternation”. It has to do with different perspectives of an object (in this case, digital displays) in relation to its position or placement. Two people viewing the same screen from different points even if they’re sitting side-by-side might not have the same view based on the position of the screen and the way it reflects light. Since optical bonding eliminates the air gap between the screen and the display mechanisms touch accuracy and viewability are heightened. 

Improves Accuracy 

Better viewability and increased touch accuracy that results from eliminating the gap between the glass and the device also means better touch accuracy. As a result, data readings and transmissions will also be more accurate and easier to access on command. 

Prevents Condensation from Building Up 

Since these screens are specifically designed for outdoor use, they need to be able to withstand all kinds of weather conditions. Traditional devices have a large gap between the glass and the device, which allows a lot of condensation to build up, especially in humid conditions. Over time, too much condensation can cause the internal device to malfunction sometimes beyond repair and this is a costly expense that you don’t want to have to incur. 

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