Benefits of Digital Signage Displays for Hospitals

Hospitals are confusing enough without patients and visitors constantly having to stop medical personnel in their tracks to ask for directions and other types of non-medical information. Digital signage displays offer an informative, convenient, and environmentally-friendly solution to this problem. Information is automatically updated as it becomes available, patient and visitor stress levels are significantly reduced, and they also provide wayfinding directions that make it easier for people to navigate through the hospital or medical facility that they’re in.

How Digital Displays for Hospitals Can Help Improve Operations

Digital displays can help alleviate some of the pressures of working in high anxiety and often fast-paced environments like hospitals. Here’s how:

Wayfinding Technology Makes Navigation a Lot Easier

Much like those digital maps you find in modern shopping malls, digital wayfinding technology is also now slowly securing its place in the medical industry. These digital displays help people find their way around the hospital without having to interrupt important medical staff who may be on their way to perform life-saving procedures or treatments. Interruptions cost medical facilities thousands of dollars every year because they often distract medical staff from much more important tasks at hand.

Keeping Patients and Visitors Occupied

Whether you’re the patient or a visitor, there’s nothing more nerve-wracking than waiting for important test results or biding your time as you wait to commence certain surgical procedures and treatments. Regardless of who they are, people in hospitals need something to keep their minds occupied and help them pass the time more quickly. Installing state-of-the-art digital displays throughout hospitals and medical complexes can help keep people distracted from the very reason that they’re in the hospital in the first place. They’re also excellent educational tools to help keep patients and their loved ones informed about the types of medical treatments and advancements that are being made available for whatever ailment they’re facing. It’s important to keep patients fully informed of their medical conditions and the types of treatments they can expect to receive as well as the efficacy of those treatments. This information can help keep their minds at ease throughout their hospital stay.

Minimizing Waiting Room Anxiety

Nothing has the tendency to induce anxiety more than waiting for an indeterminate amount of time in a hospital waiting room. Whether you’re waiting to hear about test results or you’re waiting for your loved one to recover from a major surgical procedure, oftentimes, waiting is the hardest part. Digital signage displays usually offer a much-needed distraction to keep people from being buried under mountains of distress.

Placing digital displays in waiting rooms is an ingenious idea because it keeps people’s minds occupied while they’re in the hospital and it can even make the time seem like it’s passing much faster. Upon checking in, patients will be given estimated wait times based on the severity of their conditions or injuries. That way, they have an idea of how urgent their issue is and how long they can expect to wait for someone to call upon them.

Real-Time Communication between Visitors and Hospital Staff

In times of emergency, it’s important for hospital staff to be able to communicate effectively with their peers and the visitors in the hospital. Digital signage displays typically come equipped with advanced public address systems that allow medical staff to convey important messages throughout the entire medical facility. They can also use speakers to deliver messages to individual patients in their rooms without having to travel from one end of the hospital to the other if it’s not feasible at any given time. This way, medical staff can still deliver important medical and treatment updates, public safety announcements, important workplace safety and wellness tips, and so much more.

Digital Information Whiteboards

Static bulletin boards are quickly becoming a thing of the past. While they’ve certainly served their time well, it’s time for medical facilities to move on to bigger, better, and more environmentally friendly innovations such as digital signage and whiteboards. One of the greatest things about this relatively new technology is that it allows for important updates to be made and delivered simultaneously in real-time. There’s no need to wait for a technician to come in and manually remove one paperbound sign for another. Information can automatically be updated and displayed to the general public, hospital staff, visitors, and patients alike all in real-time. The best part is that it’s completely environmentally friendly and can be easily maintained.

Digital Emergency Alert Systems

Most modern digital displays can also be automatically connected to mobile devices through cloud and Wi-Fi services. This makes it faster and easier for emergency alert systems to reach everyone within the close proximity to the hospital and inform them of impending urgent situations, security breaches, and potential safety threats. Patients and visitors will also be informed of the nearest fire exits, applicable emergency protocols, and other important safety instructions in the event of a crisis. They can keep up with all of this information through the digital signage displays located throughout the medical facility as well as updates on their mobile devices as the situation unfolds.

Greater Promotional Revenue for Hospitals

Healthcare professionals are always talking about how medical facilities lack sufficient funding and equipment to administer important treatments and provide exceptional care for their patients. Digital displays offer a seminal solution to this problem in the form of greater promotional revenue. Administrators can use digital monitors and displays set up throughout their medical facilities to promote relevant treatments, products, and procedures to their visitors, staff, and patients. The revenue hospitals receive from these promotions can help fund a great deal of their functions and improve operations.

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