Rugged Touchscreen Monitors for the Transportation Industry

The technological age has brought humanity to a point at which rugged touchscreen monitors are no longer luxury items. Now, they are a normal and essential part of everyday life. It all started with the first iPhone nearly a decade ago, and since then, the demand for industrial display monitors has also seeped into other aspects of life. For starters, it has completely revolutionized the transportation industry and will undoubtedly continue to do so. Modern cars, busses, and planes are all slowly being digitally modified in order to meet the demands for more convenient travel methods. It is not just the vehicles themselves that are being updated but also the procedures that are associated with them. Technology is turning the transportation industry on its head, and industrial touchscreen monitors are at the forefront of the incoming advancements.

Influences of Touchscreen Monitors on the Transportation Industry

Touchscreen technology is by no means a new concept, but the widespread need and use of rugged LCD displays has only recently been strongly implemented in different sectors of the transportation industry.


Over the past few years, an increasing number of cars have been designed with the digital consumer in mind. Buttons and knobs are slowly becoming a thing of the past. Instead, they are clearing the path for flat, rugged LCD monitors with touchscreen capabilities and cameras.

This new technology gives the motorist the illusion that they are in direct control of their vehicle, and many consumers appreciate the direct physical contact. Industrial display monitors might, in theory, make the vehicles a lot safer, but it is debatable whether they are having a positive impact on people’s diminishing safe driving skills.

Some drivers, especially those of younger generations, might get in the habit of relying too heavily and liberally on this new technology. Therein lies the need to add more features that promote extended driver attention to safety.

Transit Systems

Newer transit systems such as subways and busses are also incorporating more industrial touchscreen monitors. Many busses are equipped with digital payment machines and programs where customers can pay their fare by simply tapping their membership cards on the machine. Transit companies have also started employing the use of digital ticket purchasing kiosks at various bus stops and subway stations.

Airports and Airplanes

For several years now, airports have been offering the self check-in digital kiosks so that passengers can navigate through the check-in process more quickly, efficiently, and conveniently. Every airline’s process is different, but the general premise is the same: to provide fast and accurate service and keep the lines moving as swiftly as possible. Even the aircrafts themselves have rugged LCD monitors in place of the traditional knobs and levers so that pilots can better navigate the dashboards and focus more on safe flying.

Custom Design Industrial Touchscreen Monitors

Nauticomp Inc.’s rugged, industrial touchscreen monitors are water-proof, sunlight-readable, and compatible with multiple input components. They also feature dim-red capability, LED backlighting, optically bonded glass, and enhanced temperature ranges that perfectly suit the needs of all sectors of the transportation industry. For more information, please contact us.